BEAUTY TUESDAY! Super-Smooth Skin with Ameliorate Bathing Powder

I’ve written before about wonder product Ameliorate, who banished the so-called ‘chicken skin’ (these are like permanent goosbumps on upper arms etc) forever. Their cream is fabulous, their shower gel a must-have but I left the bath product untouched for a long time.

I’m not much of a ‘bath’ person, especially in summer. I like the idea: running myself a nice, deep warm bath and visualising some Kate Bush, scented candles and a relaxing soak.

But I often get in, feel too hot, get fidgety, can’t reach the iPad to change it from a shuffle that seems to be choosing all the most random pop punk and miscellanies I own (Blink-182, Buddy Holly by Weezer, wait WHY and HOW does my iTunes have JLS??!!). Then I lie there, try to relax, realise I have hairy legs, start planning to epilate my legs when I get out and think about how that’ll hurt and – well – I fail at baths.

However as I previously said in my ‘How To Shoot Naked‘ post, I wanted the smoothest skin possible so I ran a bath with a scoop of this product in it to make sure I was all-over smooth as possible.

By Shamil Shah

It foams a little, and smells gorgeous – somewhat musky and malty – and very inviting. A bath in winter is a totally different kettle of fish, warming me to the core and getting me relaxed before sleep. I’ve also discovered my secret to bath patience: I put on an In Our Time podcast, which covers everything from gin laws to early Islamic maths to Medieval poetry, so at least I feel as though I’m learning something through the dulcet tones of Melvyn Bragg and his guests.

Pic from the In Our Time BBC website

I really did emerge from my soak with deliciously smooth skin that didn’t even need moisturiser, and I felt confident on my nude shoot the next day. This is thanks to the Colloidal Oats (to calm skin and protect the natural lipid barrier of skin) and Sweet Almond Oil, which is a fantastic nourishing ingredient.

I’m basically Chandler in Friends: I have moved to The Bath Side and, rather than parties, you can find me soaking in a milky Ameliorate-filled tub, warming my bones and learning from my main man Melvyn Bragg.

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Rebecca x

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