Beauty Tuesday: Sun Damage and Dark Spots

I know, sun damage posts are generally around in the summer, when we’re naughtily sunbathing or generally getting lectured about sun damage being very ageing.

But this is the time of year it can really show up, because our tan has faded and dark marks (by which I mean darker pigments, not a Voldemort tattoo) emerge more forcefully.

I’ve sample a couple of pigmentation correctors, which I talk about in this vlog.

So! The products, in order of appearance, are:

Skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector, £89 (I KNOW!!! It’s good though…) from My Derma Centre

Verso Dark Spot Fix, £125 (I KNOW!!! again. But if you last it for ages then it’s an investment…) from Space NK

Avéne UV Riche moisturiser, SPF 20, £14.50 at Boots.

PS I’m wearing Lady Danger by Mac and nothing else. (On my face. Obviously. I’m glued to my polo neck til June. And resting my feet on a cheeky hot water bottle. Sexy).


Rebecca x

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