BEAUTY TUESDAY! Protect Hair (& Speed Up Drying) Aquis Towels

So last week, I had the pleasure of seeing my favourite people Fluorescent PR in Soho. They had organised a fun event, ‘Blow Before The Show’ at Billy & Bo, for Aquis.

I wore my favourite (by which I mean only) fancy outfit to the event.

I had heard of Aquis. They are special towels designed to help protect hair when it’s wet (it is most vulnerable then) and speed up the hair drying process.

And a little bit of me thought…’Really? Bit gimmickey? Does the world really need a special towel?’

And then I tried it and decided that I was wrong to question things.  Yes, folks: the world really does need a special towel. It’s a game changer.

So why am I a convert? The towels are made with Aquitex, which wicks away water rather than the usual way we dry hair – rubbing it vigorously with a normal towel and praying for it to hurry up! This is especially good news for anyone with curly/Afro hair. My friend Rudie McCree, owner of the finest Afro hair in London (currently New York actually)…


…Says that she used to dry her hair with a T shirt to help protect it, which sounds a bit grim to me. No one wants to deal with a dripping wet T shirt on top of the morning rush, so curly girls can now get acquainted with Aquis!

I first used it on Saturday, with my skeptical boyfriend looking on. Now let me quickly describe my hair. It’s stupidly long and thick, which of course has it’s benefits –

IMG_4859If only I could do this myself!

– But not when I’m washing, combing and drying it! It takes absolutely bloody ages to comb through, even with hair oil and a tangle teaze, and it can still be damp at the the end of the day (I still haven’t replaced my hair dryer that I broke while foolishly attempting to blow dry my hair. If I need to speed things up, I usually just have to sit patiently in front of my halogen heater (gives me a bright red face) or sit in the seats next to the air con on the Tube…).

So! I had my shower, wrapped my wet hair in my Aquis towel, moisturised, then took the towel off with no expectations.

Oh my god! It was half dry! In 5 minutes! It would usually still be dripping. I could also skip the towel-rubbing part, which both damages hair (hair is stretchier when wet – mistreating it at this stage is a major cause of frizz and damaged hair) and makes it even knottier.

My hair still needed a lot of brushing but far less than usual, and that was also because I’d lazily let a bit of a dread develop at the back and slept on it (I know, I’m a terrible excuse for a model).

To me, an exciting beauty product is one that reduces the time you have to spend beautifying, and Aquis towels are gold dust. I’ve written this blog post because I’m just so blimmin’ excited about it, but I’ll have to also let you know in a couple of months whether using it regularly has made a difference to the appearance of my hair rather than just increasing daily lie-in time by 7 minutes.

If this post is speaking to you, check them out. There are four types for different hair types:

Waffle Luxe, £30, for thicker hair types including African and Asian hair, which needs more water-wicking.


Lisse Luxe, £30, for normal hair


Lisse Luxe Long Hair, £30. 25% longer for long hair


Hair Turban, £30 – easier to fasten, normal hair.

I used the Waffle Luxe, which was fantastic for my abundant hair – though if it came in a lengthier version that’d be absolutely perfect!

For now, you can buy Aquis towels online at

Rebecca x

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  1. Louise wrote:

    Just had a look online and they do the waffle luxe in a long version, however they are not up and running to sell in the uk yet I need this in my life, I avoid washing my hair in the winter as it takes so long to dry!!!

  2. modeltypeface wrote:

    I’ll let you know the second it’s out, Louise! Not only would it help your lovely long, thick hair, it would probably help to speed up one more thing as you have a young kid! xxx

  3. Fm wrote:

    Really! For **** sake. This stuff should have 90% sales tax to go towards something useful in the world

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      About as useful as scouring the worldwide web for beauty blogs and leaving curmudgeonly comments? Some valuable minutes of your life used well there, yourself.

  4. Jessica wrote:

    I have recently acquired a magical brush that has microfibre interspersed with the bristles to help speed drying. Together with this amazing hair towel I might actually have my hair dry before my arms get tired!

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      From where is this magic brush of which you speak?!?! I’m glad to see that the struggle is real for many others out there! xx

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