Beauty Tuesday: Oh Sesame Oil, Let Me Count The Ways…

I know, that must be the sexiest title for a blog post ever. But sesame oil is an awesome beauty product. Let me list why:

1. It’s a great overnight hair treatment. 

Run a small amount in your hair before you go to bed. The next day, wash and enjoy your sleek and healthy silken locks.

2. It is a great make up remover.

Just massage over make up, look like Edvard Munch’s The Scream for a few seconds and rinse off. Et voila, your skin is ready to be thoroughly cleansed without feeling dry or stressed from an alcohol-laden make up remover.

3. It feels warming as a moisturiser.

I can’t explain why but the oil always feels warm and warming when I put it on. Other creams you have to do that weird flinch as it makes icy contact with your skin at first (or is that just me…) but I never get that with sesame oil…It’s also absorbed very quickly.

4. It’s super in DIY face masks.

There are some great £50 face masks out there but you know what? You can treat your skin to a DIY face mask and it’ll be every bit as effective. mix sesame with some yogurt and Manuka honey: you will smell really weird for 15 minutes but your skin will thank you when you rinse off with warm water!

5. Put it on BEFORE your shower if you have dry, wintry skin

Yeah I know it seems weird but once again I’m copying Tuuli here, mistress of glowing Ayurveda. She told me to put oil on before showering, to keep it from getting too dry (this is if your dosha is vata. if you think I’m speaking another language here, then check out other MTF posts on Ayurveda).

Anyway I gave it a go because Tuuli is luminescent, and wow! As long as you don’t slip and break your neck (seriously, be careful in the tub!) you will notice your skin getting extra soft and supple. I often don’t moisturise after showering now, as a) my skin’s hydrated enough and b) I’ve run out of time and need to be out the door.

6. Oh yeah. You can eat it too! 

Particularly tasty drizzled on shredded salad like fennel with a squeeze of lemon and some salt n pepper, sesame oil is rich in zinc, low in cholesterol and anti-inflammatory. I love to eat lots of oil as it feels like I’m feeding my skin and hair from the inside.

Just make sure you buy plain sesame oil, NOT TOASTED SESAME OIL, or you will smell like dinner!

£5.89 for 500ml from Clearspring

Rebecca x

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