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A brand I am very excited to be sharing with you today. I’ve been keeping them under my hat for quite some time, because I like to test products for at least 6 weeks before posting a review. I often find that a cream or shampoo will have a fabulous effect the first few times because it’s new, but after a couple of weeks the gloss will have worn off. But I’m happy to say that, 6 weeks in, I’m a convert!

When Natura Siberica asked what I’d like to try, I was  bit overwhelmed with the choice! There are so many ranges to try from, for top to toe, but I tried to think of what a model has to look after – and I’ve always thought that, to make a good impression in castings and shoots, a model needs to have great hair and great eyes.

Now obviously we need to work on our bodies, but a baggy tee or an empire line can always hide a few sins. We can apply plumping balms to lips and CC creams to brighten up our complexions…But nothing can REALLY hide puffy or dehydrated eyes, and you can’t exactly wear a hat into castings to hide your follicles!

However, these are the two places that get the most battered with modelling. Looks can be changed upwards of five times on a shoot, and most of this is focused on the eye area. All that dragging, poking and re-applying can leave us with red raw eyes that are lined and stressed. Not to mention all the travel and sleep deprivation!

As for hair. Well. On the most basic of shoots it will still get smothered in perfume-laden product, be blow dried and pulled at and have heat styling tools used on it throughout the day, on every job we do – looking after our tresses really is an uphill battle and mine have been dried out, frazzled and weakened over the years.

So I gave Natura Siberica a bit of a tough job and plumped for their hair and eye treatments. They use plant extracts from Siberia. Think about it – if a plant can survive in the toughest of climates (i.e. Siberia!), then the properties that help is flourish can be harnessed to help our skin and hair.   Here’s what I thought.


Oblepikha Conditioning Spray, £6.20

This promises to repair damaged hair whilst protecting it from heat styling – double model points there. What I particularly liked about this product was the consistency. Most hair serums and treatments are very thick and oily, but this sprays on with pretty much the consistency of water. You could spray directly to wet hair, but I prefer to just put a couple of spritzes in the palm of my hand and apply throughout (and further up the hair shaft than usual – I usually just put on the ends, but this is light enough). That way I can distribute it more evenly.

I have LOTS of very fine hair, so I find that very rich oils weigh it down after a couple of hours, which also means that I usually can’t apply before a shoot. This product, however, isn’t remotely heavy so it was perfect as a final conditioning treatment the day of a shoot.

So what’s in it? There’s Argan oil, which I’m sure we’re all familiar with as a great nourisher of skin and hair. There’s also Altai Oblepikha, which is made from cold pressing these berries which are rich in all the good stuff…omegas, fatty acids, flavanoids and vitamin K. Finally, Snow Cladonia is this beautiful, crisp white lichen that helps hair retain moisture. For me, the proof’s in the pudding – look at this pic.


All I did was was my hair, dry it in my Aquis towel and then apply the Oblepikha conditioner. It’s worked with my hair’s natural movement – all the weird kinks and random wavy parts that I embrace, and giving it a nice sheen.

Basically I feel like it works with, and enhances, what I have and it makes my hair unbelievably soft to the touch.

Snow Cladonia Eye Serum, £11.50

So this promises to rejuvenate skin around the eyes, and reduce dark circles.

I have very deep set eyes. It basically means that when I smile, I get lots and lots of expression lines (and my eyes disappear behind my hamster cheeks).


I’m not afraid of wrinkles, folks, because I would rather have smile lines than not smile! On the other hand, if the skin around my eyes is remotely dehydrated then I do have to do something about it, or the make up collects around there on shoots and really ages me. Especially now all commercials are filmed in HD!

I therefore pay decent money on my eye creams because I can really see the difference in the appearance of fine lines (I also apply a tiny amount extremely lightly with my ring finger, dotting inwards towards the tear duct and never applying on the lid or above the hollow of my eye socket).

When it comes to dark circles – well, I’m Anglo-Indian – and it’s basically a bit of a curse that we tend to have very purpley, bruised-looking under eye areas, which is made worse by my tendency to get anaemia. I have never encountered a cream that actually reduced dark circles, and I’ve just embraced them as part of me.

So I was very surprised to realise that, 5 weeks into using this, my dark circles really had decreased! I’ve been eating and drinking the same – in fact with a bereavement, a birth and two weddings within a month, I’ve probably been a bit off the wagon with my good habits! I haven’t worn under-eye concealer in ages now, and I’m wearing none in this pic (the dark circles haven’t disappeared, just faded, plus I prefer the natural look than the Kardashian 2D-bright-eyes appearance!).


Also, this picture was taken when I had the most extreme head cold imaginable, so that Snow Cladonia was really doing it’s job!

In terms of hydration, I was initially a little disappointed when I saw that this had a gel-like consistency because my past experience has been that they just weren’t effective enough. However this has a much more rich feeling than most gels. The fine lines in that area have definitely reduced significantly and when I took this to Spain for a wedding, I loved that it felt quite cooling after a day in the heat. Definitely great to apply after a long shoot. Also, you get a lot more in the pot than your usual eye cream!

I’m really impressed with the two products I tried – totally worth the very fair price tags. I really like the packaging, which has quite a quaint air about it – it’s such a departure from the usual clean, white, clinical pots you see and I find that endearing. In terms of green credentials, there are no GMO plants used, there are no parabens, mineral oils or silicones. I’ve seen them stocked in Whole Foods and you can also check out their eye-poppingly huge range online here.

I really can’t recommend Natura Siberica enough. If I had to sum them up in three words it would be…soothing, nourishing and original. Give them a go!

Rebecca x

Humungous thank you to Theo Games Petrohilos, my ever-patient boyfriend, who took these pictures…’Take a picture of my with a bare shoulder looking nice in front of a plant,’ ‘No but make me look like I don’t have a cold,’ ‘Hold on I need to blow my nose again.’ He also does a lot of political cartoons and architecture when he’s not being an Instagram husband, have a look-see here.

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