Beauty Tuesday: My Top 5 DIY Beauty Secrets

Was there ever a better indicator that I don’t write sponsored beauty posts than this? All my favourite skin and body treatments that can be found in my storecupboard and fridge.

Us models can find it hard to get the beauty products we crave, which tend to be hypo-allergenic and kind to skin as there are so many aggressors applied to our face with various make up brands, as well as the dehydration that comes with travel and smoggy city castings.

My favourite DIY beauty treatments can generally be found either in the comfort of your home or the local newsagents. Enjoy!

1) Sesame Oil

This is the most wonderful warming moisturiser. Incredibly it sinks right into the skin without greasy residue, and I find it wonderfully nourishing. I’ll often reach for this, which cost under a tenner and has lasted me months so far, than my other body oils that cost £30, £40 pounds each.

This is rich in skin-loving vitamin E and antioxidants, including one called ‘sesamol’, which apparently helps prevent wrinkles. I’m using it on my post-holiday, dry skin and my skin is just drinking it up.

When you’re not using it to moisturise your boobs, you can drizzle over raw shredded red cabbage as a delicious salad!

sesame oil£5.99 from Planet Organic

2) Coconut Oil

Yes, I think we all know how amazing coconut oil is! I favour coconut oil as a make up remover – you really don’t need to spend a fortune on expensive cleansing melts, when rubbing this between your hands and then massaging over your face will get rid of stubborn mascara, bright lipsticks and layers of foundation and powder.

I rinse off and then cleanse with Burt’s Bees Clary Sage cleanser and a Clarisonic.

Also works as a hair mask, nail treatment, face wash, moisturiser, as a base for other ingredients and as a cooking oil….it truly is a must-have.


£6.99 from Planet Organic

3) Papaya seeds

Firstly: be careful, these are strong! The first time I used them as an exfoliator, my skin really tingled in a bad way.

I’m a pro now, though. Papaya seeds are rich in fruit enzymes, including one called ‘papain’. This eats away the proteins that comprise dead skin cells, so it’ll give you a fresh glow if you’re feeling grey and tired.

The Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (natural acids, eg those found in fruit) and high number of vitamins in a papaya help brighten up your skin and fight blemishes. Don’t let it sit on your skin too long though – no longer than ten minutes – as it’s quite strong.

So what I do, is I take about half a tsp of the seeds and crush them up in a chopper or a pestle and mortar – they’re pretty tough to crack, I had to get my boyfriend to do it! Then I mash up 2 teaspoons of papaya with a drizzle of sesame oil. I stir these all up and then I apply to my face gently and let it sit there.

Then, after  around 6-10 minutes (depending on how much it’s tingling), I rinse it of whilst using circular motions to work some of those seeds into my face.

Afterwards, I let my skin rest a while before applying my usual toner and moisturiser.

Obviously, you eat the rest!

papaya4) Yogurt

I am never without yogurt in the house. Firstly, it’s rich in calcium for strong bones and good bacteria for good gut health, which can be disrupted with all the travelling and unhealthy food we can be subjected to.

Secondly, it’s a great home remedy for thrush. Us models can find ourselves prone to it – changes in temperature, scratchy nylon lingerie and having to have those bloody bikini waxes all the time! I put some on my undercarriage and it’s wonderfully soothing and helps with the balance of good bacteria.

Lastly, it’s an amazing moisturising face mask! All that good bacteria and lactic acid leads to a wonderfully radiant complexion. I put it on straight from the tub, or I put in a bit of lemon peel for a gentle fruit acid exfoliation. You’ll remove it to incredibly soft, smooth skin with a gentle radiance.

yeo valley

I use Yeo Valley because they pay farmers a fair price.

I’m going to leave the article there for now, as I could go on all day! It’s made me realise just how many home-made, natural store cupboard beauty tips I have so I’ll definitely do another post in the future.

Do you have any beauty tips you’d love to share with me? Do let me know, I’d love to hear them!

Rebecca x

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