BEAUTY TUESDAY: My Top 3 Tips for Beautiful Hands

When you’re younger, you often hear people say, ‘look after your hands, they’re the first things to age!’. Well it is true, though you have to strike the balance between living your life and sitting in the shade under a parasol, wearing a burkini and sending worrying gazes at the sunshine.

All my friends have very glamorous looking shellac nails, which are my idea of hell. They make me feel weird and icky. I think a clean, hydrated pair of hands with no mud under the fingertips is a good goal to have, especially with modelling. Here are my favourite 3 products for achieving moisturised mitts.

1) Neutrogena Norweigan Formula Anti-Aging Hand Cream SPF 25

boots handcream

I’ve tried so many hand creams, cheaper and vastly more expensive, yet I always come back to this little beauty. Throughout the year your hands are exposed to the sun, so it makes sense that you should have them protected with SPF as often as you can.

This is also really hydrating – lots of hand creams feel weirdly drying and chemical when I put them on, whereas this seems to get down deep into the skin and stay there for hours.

£4.79 from Boots

2) CND Solar Oil

CNDThis is an absolutely brilliant cuticle oil. I get quicks and peeling skin around my nails very often, and it can feel really painful as well as look terrible in pictures. I brush a tiny amount of this on my cuticles at night, and let it sink in which I read my book. It absorbs pretty quickly – not nasty greasy smears on the pages of my book – and I really notice the difference in my cuticles. Plus it lasts for ages.

£11.95 from Cult Beauty

3) Rubber Gloves


Not glamorous, no. Perhaps, unlike me, you have servants to do your washing up. But if you don’t, putting on gloves to do your washing up is one of the biggest, easiest ways to protect your hands from drying out and ageing, as well as splitting nails.

Every time you wash your hands or wash up, you ought to put some hand cream on. Have a pot in your bathroom and by your sink, so you know to always do this.

These gloves are ethical too, paying Sri Lankan farmers a fair price. Everyone wins!

Currently on sale at £5.45 from £7.45 at Ethical Superstore.

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