Beauty Tuesday: My Top 3 Luxury Organic Products

Like many models, I have to be careful with my money: one amazing job might be followed by a total dearth of work and cash, because clients are so blimmin’ slow to pay.

However, everyone needs to treat themselves from time to time, and beauty products are great because a) they give you the space and time to look after yourself, no matter where in the world you are and b) you can claim them on your taxes.

It’s currently Organic Beauty Week, and I’m keen to help shed the image of natural and organic beauty being fusty, ineffective and hippy dippyish. Here are my top 3 Organic Beauty Products I’d recommend to anyone who’s in the mood to give themselves a spa experience at home.

Cleansing: Pinks Boutique Anti-Ageing Deep Cleansing Melt


Omg, this is so gorgeous and using it is the biggest treat after a hefty day of castings in the city. Cleansing melts are like ultra-hydrating cleansers, and this starts to nourish within seconds of applying to your skin.

Rich with green tea, anti-oxidants, Camelia Oil and Vitamin E and rose this is great for…

  • Promoting cell regeneration
  • Combating effects of free-radicals and ageing
  • Softening skin
  • Conditioning skin
  • Protecting pH balance.
  • Combating redness
  • Aids skin repair.

Now to get the full benefit of this product, you can’t just whack it on and wash it off. Approach your skin routine like a 5 minute meditation, focusing on you and the effects that your day has had on you, and rebalancing any negativity.

So, for example, I often look in the mirror and see mascara down my face, a worry line between my eyebrows and combination skin. I would then get this cleansing melt, rub some between my finger tips to get it to body temperature and then give my face a lovely massage – they recommend 2 minutes – working on getting all that make up and grime away whilst nourishing my skin with those lovely ingredients. It would be great to leave it on, if you have time for a nice bath, as it works as a face mask too.

Then you just remove gently with a muslin cloth. If you weren’t wearing heavy slap, this would do as a 1-step cleansing routine, though if you have shoot make up on then you need to repeat with your usual cleanser.

Once I’m finished, I have a calmer, sparklier person looking back at me, who has managed to not look at their phone for 5 minutes and has started to wind down for sleeptime.

Now winter’s approaching and the air con is getting ramped up, I most definitely recommend this product to keep any rashes, dry patches or tightness away.

PS it’s anti-ageing, so great for mature skin – but dry or sensitive skin would also benefit.

£42 from Pinks Boutique

Oil: Skin And Tonic Brit Beauty Oil

britoilThis is a wonderful new(ish) brand, who I know about because they have samples at Triyoga and I often nick them after my shower when I forgot to bring anything with me! I always get compliments after using the samples – because the products are brilliant.

I love this soon-to-be-cult Brit Beauty Oil, produced right here in the UK. It’s made with omega-rich oils, which I’m sure we all know are essential for a healthy, functioning body, mind – and skin! This also has Borage, Thistle and Chia seed, all of which help with fine lines and pore reduction. It smells absolutely beautiful thanks to the neroli essential oil – up there with Jasmine as a scent that will lift your mood and force you to see your skincare as a self-treat rather than obligation.

£28 from Skin and Tonic

Neals Yard Remedies Aromatherapy Candle: Balance

neals yard

This is, quite simply, THE BEST SCENTED CANDLE IN THE WORLD! I’ve smelled all those fancy pants £100+ ones and they don’t come close to this candle.

I clearly remember coming back from a manic shoot in Ibiza, where I’d felt obligated to go out clubbing with the clients, lighting this candle, pouring a cup of tea and just thinking ‘aaah, this is my idea of bliss.’

It’s beeswax and botanical wax, so you won’t be breathing in any nasties. The key scents are bergamot, which is a sort of tart citrus that isn’t sickly or sweet at all – more fresh and clean and warm, and patchouli, which is proper 70s hippie stuff.

There is a ceremony to lighting a scented candle: no matter where in the world you are, no matter how dodgy the hotel room, it allows you to control your environment and make it your home.

Also, don’t listen to your boyfriend when he expresses disbelief at how much you’re spent on a candle – you deserve it x

£29.50 from Neals Yard

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