Beauty Tuesday: Liha Idan Oil

This post will take me ten times longer than usual to write, because every five seconds I have to stop typing and smell myself. This is oil truly, truly divine: a luxurious treat on the skin, and the scent is exquisite.

OK so what is Idan Oil? It’s cold-pressed coconut butter, infused with a whole tuberose. Have you ever smelled tuberose? It’s a heady, rich, deep and even earthy floral scent. I remember being greeted with a bouquet of this beautiful flower by the guesthouse workers in Bangladesh when I shot there with People Tree. It cast out the 7 hour drive and the 20 hours of flying and stopovers immediately. I walked along with those flowers pressed to my nose for ages, reinvigorated with every breath. Not only does Tuberose have warming qualities – perfect for a post-workout treat rubbed into sore joints – but it’s aphrodisiac, too. Perfect date night material!

This oil is so versatile. It’s quite hard to get out of the bottle, so I immersed it in warm water, which got it runny enough in no time. I use as an all-over body moisturiser and it’s great – my shins are usually quite rough but this has made them butterey soft!


I’d take this on holiday too, as you could decant a small amount, keep it in the fridge, and use as a solid perfume rather than your standard alcohol-laden bottles that probably contain beaver bum and other nasties. The smell actually lasts for ages, unlike most natural perfumes, which dissipate far too quickly.

It was too rich as a leave-in conditioner for my normal hair, but I applied it to the tips of my hair and left in overnight as a mask, and my hair felt really silky and strong the next day. It would be great for very dry or afro hair – plus every time you swoosh your hair, you let loose a blast of tuberose.

Based on recipes that originate in Yoruba, going back generations and spanning cultures, you can feel the love that’s put into each product by founders Liha and Abi. Go check out their site and treat yourself – and your fellow commuters – to this utterly divine oil.

£16 for 30 ml or £39 for 100ml

Check out their shea butter, too (next on my list), at If you’re a fan of Anthropologie, they sell Liha Beauty products too.

Rebecca x

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