BEAUTY TUESDAY: Letting You In on My Biggest Secret to Date.

I’m reluctant to share my big secret, and apologies to anyone who doesn’t live in my city as this post is very London-centric.

I’m gonna tell you who waxes my bikini line.

When it came to bikini waxing, I’d been around the block. Cheapies from terrifying Russian women who told me off for flinching (sorry lady – it was just that whole part where you poured burning wax on my vulva and then ripped it out relentlessly and, if I’m not mistaken, gleefully). There were a lot of people who said “Oops,” which is never fun to hear whilst you’re lying prone on the bed, legs akimbo and bush irreversably coated in wax.

There were bank-breaking blocks booked at Strip in Soho, where they played chick flicks to watch and the wax smelled like chocolate or berries, but ultimately the waxes didn’t justify the price.

Then I discovered Jale at Southwood Salon, just by Highgate Tube. These are quite simply the best waxes you’re gonna get, anywhere.

Jale is downstairs at an unassuming salon on an unassuming strip of Highgate where I used to live. Read: ‘Used To.’ I no longer walk five munites to the salon – instead, since buying my flat, I do a 3 hour round trip from SE23 to N6 – because there is literally no one else I trust with my fanny.

Jale is thorough. If you’ve had waxes before, you will have come across these ladies. They are determined to pull out every unwanted hair and will get a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers out to do it. Jale is quick and efficient – obviously it’s a bikini wax, so it is painful – but she’ll chat through it all to relax you. And Jale deals with ingrowns, tweezing them out so you don’t have bumps ruining your wax 3 days later. Not many places do that.


I also like the fact that, when you have to do ‘The Last Part’ – any ladies in the know get what I mean – she says ‘Shall we do your bottom area?’. What a lovely phrase for such an unlovely procudure.

Lastly – Jale is cheap. Bikini waxes often range between £35 – £50, whereas Jale is just £23.50!

Do you have a beauty secret hidden away? If so I’d love to hear about it!

Rebecca x

Southwood Salon is located on 307 Archway Rd, London N6 5AA. Phone no: 020 8340 9033

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