Beauty Tuesday: Last Minute Gift Guide!

Looking around at other bloggers, their aspirational sites have been showing perfectly curated Christmas Trees, well-planned gifts and fancy present-wrapping styles.

Sorry guys. I bought the reject tree I felt most sorry for, which, like my political sympathies, leans significantly to the left. My gift-wrapping style consists of recycled Metros hastily selotaped together into wonky shapes. And I haven’t bought a single present, and I’m ignoring the low-level panic currently settling in my belly. Plenty of time…

I tend to buy everyone in my life over the age of 12 toiletries for Christmas, because I can think of the receiver treating themselves with a bath, or a pamper, or just enjoying great skin because of my gift.

Do what I do is to order these in first class post to my parents/chosen location for Christmas Day, so you don’t even have to bother carrying loads of stuff home, leaving more space in your bag for elasticated-waist clothing and Quality Street wrappers!

For Her (or him, really).

Triology Rosehip Oil


This is a beautiful oil suitable for all ages. It’s a beauty favourite now, pretty much at cult status because it works. Rich in anti-oxidants, this is a perfect step to add into your skincare regime to help fight the effects of air conditioning, cold weather and too much eggnog. You’ll notice a healthy glow to your skin and a satisfying level of hydration.

The surly teen in your life will like it cos Cara D wears it, and the Daily Mail readers in the family (we all have at least one) will appreciate it because a certain Princess swears by it.

Plus £16.50 for the 20ml bottle is very reasonable – it lasts ages and comes in lovely packaging.

Festive Favourites Grab Bag


Blimey! This is HALF PRICE – £29.95 from £60!!!

I can’t think of a single family member that wouldn’t want this. Who doesn’t like a huge selection of treats to try out? There’s some absolute must-haves here – BB’s Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream, the beautiful-smelling Orange Essence Facial Cleanser and their Milk & Honey body lotion, which makes you smell like a newborn baby (a clean one).

I like the tinted lip balms here – your Granny can feel glam or a younger sister/niece can feel dolled up without looking like Princess Tiamii.

Head to to order.

For Him/Her/those with beards. 

Ricki Hall’s Booze & Baccy Beard Oil & Moustache Wax Gift Set

When it comes to knowing actual cool people, I can claim only one friend in this department: Ricki Hall.


Therefore I trust that his Captain Fawcett Beard Oil & Wax Gift Set would be a welcome present to anyone with facial hair (unless your’e thinking of your Nan – don’t tell her about the chin hairs: ignorance is bliss).


The smells here are beautiful, including frankincense, tobacco, vanilla and orange. It’s warming, woody and uplifting: perfect for Christmas beards.

This set is £44 but you could get each individual item for just over a tenner if you’re on a budget.

Kiehls Facial Fuel Cleanser


I don’t want to make broad generalisations about men and toiletries here. I know plenty of chaps who religiously cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily and are even partial to the odd spot of botox.

However, I can talk about the men in my life. They will definitely splash their face in the shower, but in terms of toning and moisturising, let alone face masks – we’re expecting a bit much there. They’ll ocassinally nick (way too much) of your nice stuff but fancy pots you bought them will remain untouched for years.

Therefore I think a cleanser makes a great gift, as there’s more chance of them actually using it. Men tend to have thicker skin than us ladies, and I’ve found that they do prefer their products to have a refreshing, zingy feeling on the skin – waking them up and feeling like it’s doing something. Evidence – in any home I’ve shared with men, Original Source Mint Shower Gel will vanish in days (probably it makes their balls tingle. You didn’t just read that here).

Step forward this fantastic Kiehls product, with caffeine and menthol for that tingling sensation (facially, hopefully), as well as vitamin E to ensure that it doesn’t leave them with angry, red skin.

It’s in a blue bottle and has the word ‘fuel’ in the label, so if you happen to have a relative with a bit of a masculinity crisis, this won’t sent them into a tizzy over it being ‘girly’.

It’s only £17.50 and if you order over £60 today at Space NK you’ll get free express delivery. Better hurry….

Rebecca x

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