Beauty Tuesday: How to Battle Eye Crinkles, with Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream

Oooh this one’s a goodie! Last winter, I really noticed fine lines around my eyes forming (AAAAH!)

I have to accept that I am expressive, I have big deep-set eyes, and I’m gonna get laughter lines. I will never ever get them botoxed away or feel bad about them, because they show that I smile – and if you’ve seen any of my vlogs, you will be aware that I smile a lot. And as you get older, collagen does reduce and that’s just a fact of life. At least you’re smiling from all that sense of humour and wisdom you’ve developed.

However, I do notice when they get worse, and what I can do to prevent them becoming too deep for now.

1) Water. when I’m dehydrated, my eyes look more wrinkley. Especially after a hangover. So I limit booze (generally to the weekends) and I endeavour to drink at least 3 pints of water a day, which is lower than the 2 litres most recommend but I’ve found my happy place. I.e. not feeling thirsty vs. needing a wee every 5 seconds.

2) Sleep. When I’m working a lot, my sleep suffers and those early mornings get to me. This leads to the areas around my eye looking and feeling delicate, grey and horrible. You can’t refuse to wake up at 5am, but you can get to sleep mega early. If you can’t get to sleep just make sure you’re relaxed and resting, and your phone is switched OFF!!! (No matter how many likes your latest fiyah Insta post is garnering).

3) Smoothies, juicy fruit and veg. Enjoying smoothies with avocado, and eating fruit and veg that explode with moisture in your mouth also contribute to your water intake, plus they have lots of skin-loving vitamins. Veggies like kale are rich in iron, which helps with dark circles.


This is a simply fantastic eye cream that seems to feed my eye area with vitamins, battle lines and never ever feels as though it’s clogging up my eye area.


It’s really rich in vitamin C, which helps repair damaged tissue. Then there’s avocado oil, carrot seed oil and aloe gel – just imagine your skin drinking up that cooling and nutritive combination.

Even though those ingredients sound very rich, it’s fragrance free and very light, meaning that you get the best of both worlds: extremely hydrating but never heavy.

Since using this eye cream, I have most definitely noticed a reduction in fine lines around my eyes, which even rather expensive eye creams weren’t managing to battle. PLUS I don’t get any clogged skin (small white bumps) which many of the heavy duty products were causing previously.

Now, I know this is on the upper end of the spectrum price-wise, but let me assure you: I bought this last November and I’ve barely made a dent in it. You need such a tiny amount of eye cream that this lasts for ages, plus it’s in a pot so you can eke out every last drop.

If you’ve come back from your hols and noticed that your skin looks a bit dry, or if the early morning and long days are taking their toll on your eye area, then do check this wonder product out.

It’s currently £25.99 for 30ml from

Check out more of their yummy products at

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