Beauty Tuesday: Herb Farmacy’s Cuticle Oil

I’d say that there’s definitely a cooler breeze blowing in the air and the occasional crisp fall of a leaf on the pavement from the trees….But it feels like it’s basically been that way since last September, doesn’t it.

We may not be feeling a particularly discernible transitional change in terms of seasons, but that doesn’t mean your body won’t. It’s at this time of year that nails weaken a bit, hair gets a bit frizzy, skin becomes changeable and for me, quicks start to develop on my fingertips all the time.

I never used to use cuticle oil til last year, so I’m the perfect ‘control’ group of 1. I used to find that skin grew over my nails, unstoppable as the tide coming in. But unlike King Canute, I found a way to stop the tide: cuticle oil.

The Herb Farmacy’s is my favourite, especially because, compared to so many others out there, it’s not full of harsh chemicals that will surely make matters worse over the years. It’s got deeply hydrating jojoba oil, smells gorgeous thanks to the lavender and lemon myrtle and for strengthening the nails there’s horsetail and calendula for soothing.

It’s ridiculously easy to use. I put it on before reading my book at night: the teat pipette distributes one drop that I find is plenty for five fingernails. Make sure you massage it in and then try not to rub it on anything while it soaks in.

Since using I get far fewer quicks, my nails look healthy and shiny and those cuticles are staying put where they should.

According to the reviews section, this has also been a great success story for many people suffering with nail psoriasis (it sounds very painful and includes the nail bed coming away from the finger) so worth an investigate if you suffer with the condition.

Bearing in mind that one drop is enough for one hand each use, the £13.50 may look more expensive than competitors on the high street, but it’ll last ages and is organic, with ingredients lovingly grown on the Herb Farmacy’s beautiful farm.

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