Beauty Tuesday: Hair Heroes!

Taking good care of your hair, when you’re a model, can feel like something of a losing battle. I remember a (rather nasty) hair stylist saying to me, “Why will models spend hundreds on skincare and then wash their hair with any old £3 bottle of shampoo?”

“Well, Mister!” I wanted to reply. “Because the make up artist strokes our face and puts on lovely products. Whereas you use heated styling tools on top of products that fizz on contact with heat, you practically scalp me with each brush stroke and then you backcomb each follicle to b*ggery!”

But I didn’t, I just put my blank happy face on and shrugged.

However it is important to take care of your hair, because keeping it in good condition means that you enhance your overall ‘healthy’ look in castings and on jobs. You can help your hair with a good diet, rich in oils and good fats and protein. These products will help prevent and treat damage from the outside…

1) Mahogany Naturals Brazilian Butter Damage Reverse Hair Mask


This is The One. My hairdresser said what good condition my hair was in yesterday – and it can only have been this, because I hadn’t got my hair cut in *guilty gulp* 6 months!

So hair masks: lovely idea, pain in the arse in real life. I’m not sure when YOU have time to wash your hair, come out the shower, towel dry your hair, put a mask on, leave it 20 minutes and wash it off but I don’t and I am NOT cutting into sleep time!

I have a great way round this palaver. I spray my hair with Eu Avene Thermale to just get it damp. Then I rub a small amount of this through the ends of my hair (careful not to eat it: it looks and smells delectable). Then I go to sleep! If you’re worried about your pillow and you’re single/have a partner who doesn’t care about such things, then feel free to also wear a shower cap. However I already wear gloves, a retainer and an eye mask and I feel that a shower cap would be the straw that broke the camel’s love goggles.

Then the next morning wash off thoroughly and hey presto! Hydrated, smooth hair!

One thing I would say is that this is very hydrating, and so it can make my thick hair quite heavy and flat. If you have a shoot or an event coming up, put this mask on a couple of days before, so your hair will have had two or more washes since.

Also: a holiday must to fight the drying sea.

At £40 I realise this is pricey, but if you do a mask once a week using a small amount, the price levels out as it will last so long. With brazilian nut and cocoa butter, avocado and aloe vera, this is magic for your hair. Head to

2) Aquis Hair Towels.

I’ve already sung the praises of this towel, and I’ve now used it for a few weeks. It really has improved the condition of my hair, because I’m now no longer rough towel drying it with a usual towel. Turns out that I’m damaging my hair at it’s most vulnerable.

No, Aquis towels wick away water, speeding up drying time and preventing hair damage.


I really notice when I don’t use it now – my hair gets frizzier and less shiny. Changing this one step in your hair routine will make a massive difference to the health of your hair.

On sale soon!

3) Lavera Basis Sensitiv Shampoo


I’ve been using Burts Bees Shampoos for two years now. I love them, but I think that sometimes you need to change things up: my hair was starting to get a bit weighted down and flat.

I just had the feeling that I needed to find the most plain, yet nourishing, shampoo out there, and I gave this a go: I wasn’t disappointed.

Models, this is a fab counter to all those products that your hair gets laden with and all the heat styling tools that damage it. It’s hugely, hugely nourishing thanks to avocado and wheat, and does a great job of getting any hairspray or gel out.

This’d be a great shampoo for anyone who gets an itchy scalp as it’s for sensitive skin.

I’ll be alternating it with my Burts Bees Mango shampoo soon, but for now this is something of a hair ‘detox’ – and my shiny, bouncy hair is thanking me for it!


Only £5.45 from Lavera.

Rebecca x

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