Beauty Tuesday: Get Magnum Advert Ready!

Not that I’ve once been requested for a casting, but I live in fear of going up for a Magnum commercial. Obviously it’s a huge job and I couldn’t say no….But I have horribly sensitive teeth! Never mind biting repeatedly into a fancypants choc ice for days in end, my teeth hurt when a cold wind blows on them!

Fortunately, I’ve made a couple of discoveries that, whilst not entirely ridding me of sensitive teeth (they’re really extreme), have truly helped me out. I had to bite refrigerated strawberries for hours on end on a Blistex commercial shoot recently, and I barely flinched!

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So let me talk you through my tooth-saviours!

Sensodyne Pronamel

Sensodyne2Pronamel is designed to help target ‘Tooth Wear’. This is where the enamel is stripped away and, as you can imagine, it’s horribly weakening for your gnashers. I avoid fizzy drinks and coffee as much as possible, but biting into fruit of lemon in my water are just as bad.

Pronamel contains minerals that penetrate deep into the enamel, so they’re actively strengthening and protecting.

I really notice the difference with this toothpaste. When I stay at my boyfriend’s house, he just buys the cheapest toothpaste on the shelf. I immediately notice how much more sensitive my teeth are, compared to when I’m using Pronamel at my home.

Also, don’t brush until 40 minutes after eating, to help your teeth stay protected.

£2.19 from Lloyds Pharmacy

Sensodyne Cool Mint Mouthwash


I generally avoid mouthwash, because someone told me about someone else using it and getting oral thrush. Vom.

However, I thought I’d give this a go and I’m really glad I did. It adds an extra element of protection to my teeth throughout the day, and also it’s a lovely light mouthwash in comparison to others on the market (in lurid purple and green shades) that actually burn the inside of my cheeks!

£3.32 from Lloyds Pharmacy

Thanks to these two products, I feel a bit more up for a Magnum casting – Rankin, if you’re scouting for your next lady, I’m game!


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