I wanted to introduce you to this brand I’ve been trying out over the last couple of months: Evolve Beauty.

They are all handmade in Hertfordshire using some really interesting ingredients like raw cacao (that might be in your favourite smoothie, too!) in small batches, plus they’re vegan and organic.

I gave their shampoo and conditioner a go, which weren’t rich enough for my hair (my hair is plentiful but very fine and prone to dryness, so it’s very hard to please).

However their face products were another story. I’ve been LOVING their Daily Renew face cream as my post-holiday night cream. It’s rich in the sort of products that skin just DRINKS up! Have I spoken to you about hyaluronic acid? It’s become pretty famous now, but just in case you’re not aware of it, this wonder stuff is present in our joints and eyes and is able to retain a large amount of water. Imagine it helping the skin to be a sort of sponge, keeping on to moisturise and making it look lovely and plump! Good for older skin but also sun damaged or travel-worn skin that is dehydrated.


There’s also Argan oil in here, which is fabulously luxurious and rich in Vitamin E. I’m sure we’ve all given Moroccanoil a go and seen how silky it made our hair. But some people can be put off by how heavy it feels on skin and hair – well there’s none of this here. The cream actually feels very lightweight and refreshing. When I first put it on, I was a little concerned that it wasn’t heavy duty enough for me…But then I woke up and saw the difference!

Those are the two heroes but reading through the list, there’s all my favourites – Aloe Vera to soothe, sesame and sunflower oils, both of which I’m currently loving on salads and on skin as I find them VERY nourishing, shea butter for moisturising, and jojoba to deliver ingredients deeper to the skin.

I apply to cleansed, toned and serumed skin with vigorous upward strokes before bed. Smells gently of coconut and sinks right in. I really can’t recommend this enough and I think it’s priced very fairly at £24 as a small 60ml tub has lasted me just over 2 months of daily application and I’ve seen a real difference in my skin – remember you’re paying for handmade, organic skincare here and you can feel the love in the product.

If you’re looking for an exfoliator then check out the Radiant Glow Mask. It’s got clay to draw out excess oil, raw cacao powder to revitalise and coconut granuls exfoliate. Fantastic for combination skin when followed by the Daily Renew Facial Cream.

Check out to learn about the brand, check out their products and make some purchases. Their lip balms are *delicious* and very gentle and soothing.

Rebecca x

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