BEAUTY TUESDAY: Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Face Cream

This has rapidly become one of my favourite, reliable all-rounders: a great night cream as well as a fabulous base under make up.

I like the smell: it’s very fresh, with elements of seasalt spray. The texture is exactly the right balance between thick and luxurious but sinking in very easily.

I’ve recently been getting quite sensitive, dry skin that’s reactive to anything too fragranced or fancified and this has soothed away lots of the irritation like gently laying a sheet of cool silk on my face.

It certainly packs a punch with a lot of powerful and effective ingredients, something that is fine for me but those with uber-sensitive skin might want to bear in mind. I’m happy to see jojoba, which is the reason it sinks in so deep (I’ve gone into detail about this here), aloe vera and vitamin E which help soothe and heal and vitamin C which helps even out complexion. Kalpariane is a brown seaweed extract, rich in Omega 3 and 6, that apparently helps improve the skin’s elasticity. Lastly there’s that famous Dead Sea Salt, a body of water that people all over the world travel to bathe in and heal various skin and health woes. In this face cream, it boosts the skin with over 20 minerals, but with so many ingredients it is tricky to know what is working on what.

All I can say is that I have been really pleased with my skin since using this. I like to slather it on at the end of a long day, there’s something really refreshing about the smell and feel of it and I think it’s a top find at under a tenner.

Check it out on the Holland & Barrett store (where there is always loads of deals on).

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