BEAUTY TUESDAY: Coming Up Roses with Odylique

Rose is a funny one. People seem to either love it or hate it: the latter often associate it with ‘granny’ and old-fashioned smells.

I fall in the former camp: firstly, I like the fact that roses grow here, and we can smell them all through summer – I can often be found pausing to smell blooms – and roses are the most reliably gratifying. I also think that ‘granny’ and ‘old-fashioned’ are compliments. Sometimes I want a perfume or a body lotion to smell exotic and unique but there’s something very comforting about a more familiar, domestic smell like rose. I think rose, lavender, lily of the valley and similar scents that have gone out of vogue can actually be more evocative and nostalgic than plants I’ve never heard of.

Anyway, enough of my rambling – basically, I really love the scent of rose – so I was thrilled when Odylique sent me their Rose Velvet Body Lotion and Timeless Rose Moisturiser. I had just had a bad reaction to another cream and the skin on my face was feeling delicate and sensitive, reacting to anything too heavy or that had to many ingredients.

I gave the Face Moisturiser a go because I know that the sugars in rose petals can be very soothing and moisturising for skin. I was quite surprised at the texture, which is very, very light compared to the thicker creams I’ve been using lately. If any of you have very oily skin, or don’t like anything too thick, this would be fabulous. Though it’s a day cream, I put it on at night time and because it’s so light, it glides on really easily but I didn’t get that heavy feeling I usually get (and which I actually quite like).

When I woke up, the rash I was suffering had gone and I looked a great deal calmer. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve used this every night and I’ve stopped getting blocked pores (I think I use too much product sometimes) and no more patchy parts of my face (shiny nose/dry forehead/reactive skin etc). There’s healing rosehip and sea buckthorn to help regenerate, aloe vera which soothes and jojoba oil to make sure these ingredients are delivered deep into your skin.

PS, it’s 100% natural and 94.1% organic. £23.00 from

As for the Rose Velvet Body Lotion, this is a real treat for skin. It’s slightly thicker than the face cream but you still only need one pump per limb and unlike a lot of the oils I use, you can whizz it on and get dressed right away without leaving weird wet marks in unfortunate places on your outfit. It also smells stronger than the face cream as there is cocoa in here, so the rose gets a deeper and more rounded note, which is particularly nice during the cold weather and negates any ‘granny’ connotations with the fragrance of rose. If you have very dry skin I don’t think this would be quite strong enough, but if you have normal skin it’s a lovely all-rounder, makes you smell delicious and would be great to take on holiday – you wouldn’t need perfume!

It’s 100% natural and 93% organic suitable for vegans, Soil Association certified and they use recyclable packaging that hasn’t been air freighted. It’s £29.00 but at the time of writing this post reduced to £18! At

Do check this brand out because they have some fab green credentials and their products look, feel and smell as though a lot of care, attention and refinement have gone into them. I think they’d also make a great Mother’s Day present!

Rebecca x

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