Beauty Tuesday: Colladeen Visage

Oooh, it feels nice to be back to normality, with all the right posts going on all the right days!

Today is a short and sweet post about Colladeen Visage. These are supplements I’ve been taking for 2 years and I think everyone would benefit from them! These are some of the results…

  • Stronger nails. Mine used to crack and split and flake (mmmm nice) and be covered in white marks, and now I could probably balance my whole body on my nails!
  • Hair that grows at the rate of knots. I cycle up hills slower than my hair grows. My fringe literally grows while it’s being trimmed.
  • A healthier immune system. I also take echinacea but this is packed with Vitamin C for an extra boost.

These are the benefits I really notice, but there are others you might be interested in. The supplements were initially developed to combat water retention (a nightmare for some of us when that time of the month comes round, or the pill we’re on is messing with us). I used to get it a lot worse so I definitely think it helps. Great for models who are flying all over the globe non-stop to beat bloating.


The clue is in the name, though, as to why these are a good long-term investment. Vitamin C is fantastic for encouraging collagen production, which helps with the elasticity of our skin. Colladeen Visage has two extra compounds: lutein (helps to guard against sun damage) and green tea extract (ditto) as it’s a great anti oxidant.

I am not usually a sucker for supplements. I rarely notice any difference, but the fact that my nails have got so much stronger noticeably and my hair is…

…Is enough for me to see that these do your body good. Just remember to take it for at least 3 months to really see the difference.

£18.95 for 60

Rebecca x

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