BEAUTY TUESDAY: Cherry Woods Facial

Wow. I just had the best facial I’ve ever had in my life.

I’ve enjoyed a few over the years, from mega pricey ones to the sort you get as part of a ‘hen do package’. These tend to be 45 minutes of rather nice stroking to the face with oils, through which I snooze and walk out with very shiny skin, a smile on my face and no discernible improvement to my skin the next day.

That’s not what you get with Cherry Woods.

I was slightly hesitant about going, because I’ve not had a facial for about 5 years, and I resent that many therapists give me that big telling off about how I should be going monthly or my skin will get so clogged it’ll slide off my face and I’ll die (or words thereabouts) and I feel compelled to look suitably chastened.

I didn’t get that at all with Cherry who, as a Mum and a self-employed woman, understands that life can get in the way of the best-laid pampering plans!

I really appreciated the fact that I filled in a form stating what meds I was on and my skin history – it showed she meant business – and that Cherry sat me down and asked me what my concerns about my skin were. I said the odd fine line that was creeping in and some dark spots that had formed on my last holiday in Greece. She was really listening while taking in my skin history and I suddenly felt rather calm and in safe hands.

Next step was to lie down on the super duper comfy bed and got all tucked in, with my decolletage and feet bare as instructed. The room is a pretty teeny loft space above a quite generic seeming salon space, but it’s 5 minutes from Richmond station and actually the small room felt so cosy and safe and I didn’t want to leave by the end!

OK so the nitty gritty.

The Bloom Facials combine technology with beautiful smelling products and massage. There’s all the stuff you’d usually expect from a facial – cleansing, steaming, extraction, moisturising – but with bells on! These are the bits that stood out to me and my skin needs as a model…


So the products and tools used were generally to target my two main problems – dehydration and pigmentation. Vitamin A and C help fight these very visible signs of ageing, and half way through Cherry used a tool I’d never come across before. It uses low frequency sound waves (sound travels faster in water) to deliver moisture deeper into your skin. Now, when I heard this, I thought ‘whatever!’. But my God! My skin was just drinking up the product at a rate it never has done before, meaning that these ingredients could really work their magic deep down.

The only thing that you do have to put up with is a high pitched noise like bats chatting in your brain, but it’s only for a couple of minutes and it’s a small price to pay for how well it works.

Fine Lines

It’s not that I have craggy Gordon Ramsey skin, but with HD and the fact that I’m competing with girls half my age for jobs, it’s nice to have a bit of a boost.

Cherry used HydroStem 6 serum by HydroPeptide’s on me after the sonic part to help kickstart my skin’s own stem cell regeneration. Basically, this means your skin is repairing itself and obviously that’s good for a healthy complexion and fighting damage from the sun and dehydration and, well, simply getting older! I totally recommend this stage but it will make the facial more expensive, just so you know.

Lifting Facial Muscles

I didn’t really think I was in need of this…But then I had this facial! I have quite chubby cheeks and lots of squidge around my jawline. Because I massage my face every day, I’m quite aware of how it all feels and I noticed a really dramatic difference here, like it was tighter and lifted and closer to the jawbone. This effect has lasted for days now!

The lymphatic drainage really, really worked and de-puffing achieved around my eyes, jaw and cheeks has stayed with me.


I have never walked out of a facial feeling like this before. I was ravenous! And sort of…shaky, like my body was sorting itself out in some way. Cherry gave me some reflexology, which is poking acupressure points on the feet (seriously this facial has all the bells and whistles and packs a lot into 65 minutes!). It was targeted at my digestion and I guess, for me, it sped up my metabolism. Once I had some food and the shakiness was gone, I had more energy than I’ve felt in ages, but this funny sort of deep, buzzy, uplifted energy that lasted all day. I wasn’t able to exercise after (you have to relax and let all the ingredients work their magic) but I was so productive and got lots of writing done.

I did need to put a lot of the HydroSerum 6 to my neck which got really dry, which I was warned might happen because the sonic tool makes your skin just drink up product. However I was very sparing because you need to make sure you don’t overload the skin, too.

The Day After

The next day, as soon as I woke up, I had a look at my skin expecting to look 16 again…and I saw few more fine lines than usual. DON’T PANIC! I think my skin had just spent all that time soaking up every single molecule that had been applied. As soon as I put my Trilogy Rosehip Oil and my Sukin moisturiser on, the lines disappeared and my skin was better than it’s looked in ages.

One of the make up artists that day said they hadn’t worked on skin like mine in years! Cherry had done some extraction but not at a crazy level so I didn’t have red, dotty skin and I didn’t get any spots coming up afterwards. I just couldn’t stop touching my skin, which was soft as silk…And I couldn’t stop poking my cheeks, which were so much tauter than usual!

Here I am, on my job the next day, to give you an idea of how great my skin looked. Us models know when we’ve been caked – and I’m just wearing the lightest primer here, the rest is Cherry!


Why Should Models Go to Cherry Woods?

This facial is expensive, I’m not going to sugar coat it. The Bloom Facial is £105 for 65 minutes and I know a lot of my model mates aren’t exactly millioaires.

Then again, our skin is one of our most important features – and it gets treated badly by our lifestyle. Lack of sleep, shoots outside where we’re vulnerable to UV rays, flying, getting pelted with pollution on the underground, make up being applied and reapplied…It’s important to give it some love! We spend hundreds on exercise, spangly gym kits and avocados so splashing out on taking care of our complexion really isn’t that bad – especially when it’s going to regenerate your skin and get your face muscles all perky to the level that Cherry’s facial does.

And remember, it’s tax deductible for models!

There’s no doubt in my mind that if I had a huge casting, shoot or event I would get this because it really worked, and clients could see the difference. Lots of newsreaders and celebs like Gabby Logan use Cherry whenever they can because HD is a terrifying prospect for most people and the Bloom Facials are literally miraculous.

Richmond is ridiculously accessible (I got there in 45 minutes from NW3) and I am just desperate for you all to try this effective, face-saving, skin-regenerative, blissfully uplifting facial. And then tell me all about it!

Find out more at

Rebecca x

PS thank you Cherry for the experience and Rosie for organising it all x


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    This is good to know. Thank you!! X

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