BEAUTY TUESDAY: Angela Langford

Now, I’m always saying that beauty comes from the inside – that the more antioxidant-rich, vitamin-laden food we eat, the more our skin will glow. I’m also an advocate for raiding one’s larder when you’re broke/run out of your favourite product.

So when my favourite PR company, Vert PR, told me all about Angela Langford’s food-inspired skincare brand…well I was excited to say the least!

Angela is a Masterchef finalist, so we can assume she can mix a magic-tasting concoction with ease. She now applies her alchemy to beauty, mixing up powerful natural ingredients to boost complexion and overall glow.

Firstly, can we all admire the beautiful packaging the products came in. Sometimes I love my job!



I got this large book which, Shawkshank Redemption-style, opened up to reveal some goodies (though here were hidden recipes and produces that would help out my complexion, rather than allowing me to tunnel my way to freedom).


I’m delighted with my package, because not only did it allow me to try out some gorgeous ‘green’ beauty products – the fact that there were ingredient cards as well showed the ethos of the Angela Langford brand – that a healthy glow can only come from a holistic approach. Wholesome beauty products won’t have any effect if you’re downing vodka and eating take away every night!

Today I’m going to focus on the products themselves, then tomorrow I’ll treat you to a few of the skin-loving recipes Angela recommends.

Bloom & Glow Radiance Restoring Face Oil


If you’re a regular on the blog, you’ll probably be aware that I’m a big fan of face oils. I think anyone, of any age (apart from very oily and acne-prone skin – others disagree, but that’s my own experience), will benefit from introducing an oil into their routine once a day. After a couple of days you won’t feel ‘greasy’ anymore – you’ll be noticing your plumped up skin and (my favourite element) you’ll feel bolstered by it – enjoying a sort of resilience to air conditioning, cold winds and flights – that’ll make you wonder how you ever did without using oil.

This contains chia seeds, an rich source of omega 3, which many of us like in our smoothie – but few of us will have seen harnessed into skincare. Together with rosehip this combination helps fight fine lines and improve elasticity.

There’s lots of Vitamin E in here, which of course is great for mature skin but young skin will also see the benefit. This mega-vit helps repair skin, so any recent outbreaks will clear up more quickly, also calmed by chamomile.

I reckon lots of these ingredients are pretty familiar to us and covered on this blog frequently…But not sea buckthorn? What does this do? Angela describes this as a superfood for our skin! It promotes cell regeneration as well as calming and healing skin.

How shall we use this? I apply at night, after cleansing and toning, and in place of a serum as I feel that this has all the benefits of a serum (feel free to add one after too, if you want). The most important thing is to take your time over this, at least a minute, massaging each part of your face, neck and decolletage – you can watch my vlog on massage to give you more guidance. It’s a real treat as it smells divine, with the divine scent of neroli adding an uplifting topnote to the otherwise rich and luxurious-smelling oil.

If you’re a bit more time-strapped, you can mix with your night-time moisturiser (or day, if you have dry skin) to give it an extra boost.


Rest & Regenerate Repairing & Nourishing Night Balm


Look at that list of main ingredients. It’s like my dream lunch – roasted pumpkin with avocado and a sprinkling of nuts and a drizzle of oil – nourishing from the inside out!

This is really rich. If you’ve got very oily skin, don’t go for this as not only is it going to feel uncomfortable, it’s not going to do much to improve your problems. I actually do have oily skin, but underneath I have dry skin too. My skin responds well do lots of moisturising and I just powder down the shine – but if you have skin like my boyfriend’s, where even a dab of moisturiser feels too clogging – avoid this!

OK so what makes this a treat? With shea butter, cocoa butter, argan oil, avodaco oil pumpkin oil and macadamia oil, this is like a super-larder squared! And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! I really rate Angela’s choice of natural ingredients, all of which I know to be fantastically nourishing to skin.

As well as these ingredients, the fact that this is a balm means that you have to spend that tiny time longer massaging it into skin. This really isn’t a chore (especially if you have a face massage roller from the Body Shop) and once again – that blood gets pumping – as well as relaxing you for a lovely sleep.

I really like the smell of this. It’s a bit like plonking your face into a vase full of herbs. It’s verdant and fresh and simultaneously warming.

In short, you should give it a go.


Freshen Up Hydrating & Refreshing Tonic


I wish I had this toner when I did that hardcore trip to Malaga. It would have been perfect on the aeroplane as the ingredients are both hydrating and soothing.

So in the soothing corner, we have aloe vera and orange blossom. In the protecting corner we have Vitamin B5 and comfrey, whilst in the balancing corner we have one of my all-time favourite smelling ingredients, geranium. Mixed with the rose, this is just beautiful.

Spray on after cleansing, or throughout the day to continue hydrating and soothing your skin. I applied this over make up no problems.


One thing I will say about any product like Angela’s – they work best when you buy them. Don’t try and eke them out of let them gather dust, as the potency of these natural ingredients – especially when these products are 99-100% natural. They’re very well priced, great quality and you’ll see the difference to your skin within a fortnight – glowing, nourished and hydrated. I’m a convert!

PS these products are all cruelty-free and marked with the RBM logo – click here to find out more about the ‘Real Beauty Manifesto’.

Tune in tomorrow to enjoy some of Angela’s skin-loving recipes!

Rebecca x

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