BEAUTY TUESDAY! Ameliorate’s Famous Body Lotion Now Comes Fragrance Free!

I’ve spoken about Ameliorate before. They are wonderful at transforming so-called ‘chicken skin’, i.e. when it feels like you have permanent goosebumps on some parts of your body, into smooth skin. For some people this can be a really severe condition, for others it’s just a few bumps short of having silky arms. I’d say I was the latter but just because something’s not severe doesn’t mean it’s not bothersome. Everyone has the right to a perfectly peachy butt!

I also grabbed their bath stuff when I had bikini Polaroids and a nude shoot recently – it just gives me a bit more confidence and my skin that bit more oomph (as well as a very important relax before an early call time).

I personally love the scent of their products – sort of musky, milky – but I realise we’re not all into fragrance and musky isn’t for everyone. So I have good news – their Transforming Body Lotion now comes in a fragrance-free option! There is still a light familiar scent of the original when you open the bottle up, but as soon as it’s applied that vanishes.

£22.50 from

Now we’re coming out of the cold weather (one hopes), I’m ditching the heavier oils for this and getting Ameliorate back into my daily routine has really made the difference. It doesn’t just get rid of chicken skin (and for me that happens within just a few days), it sinks into my skin super-quickly and hydrates deeply for optimal getting-dressed-in-a-hurry time.

Once I find a great product I’m reluctant to ever give it up, which is why my shelves are replete with Pixi, Konjac Sponges, Sukin and Burt’s Bees. Ameliorate are another of my absolute never-without brands, because they’re easy, they’re affordable and their products work.

Oh – and notice the snazzy new packaging!

Rebecca x

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