Beauty Tuesday: Ameliorate

It’s not a vlog today, because no one needs to see a close up of my bum. I’m gonna tell you about Ameliorate, which is an absolutely brilliant product that truly does what it says on the blurb.


So this is all about targeting Keratosis Pilaris, AKA chicken skin, AKA hard little lumps you often find on upper arms and, I’m gonna say it – the bottom of your bottom. I have no shame in saying that my skin is kissably smooth but the part I sit on just doesn’t feel quite as peachy as the rest of me, and in winter I do find that the tops of my arms feel a bit rough. This is caused by skin not effectively shedding, thereby leading to dead skin build up and bumpy patches.

I’ve been trying to hardcore exfoliate away these troublesome parts but it turns out that that was totally the wrong thing to do! It makes it worse! I’d read all about Ameliorate and thought it was worth a go, though I can’t say I held out much hope.

You have to religiously apply it every day, but unlike other products which require you to massage your buttocks on the light of a full moon whilst speaking in Latin and rubbing in with arm-wearying circuits twice daily, you just rub this in the affected parts for a few seconds – plus it’s not very thick, which means that the product is easy to rub in and sinks in mega quickly.

It’s got lots of clever ingredients but the main one is lactic acid, which helps exfoliate skin naturally whilst at the same time effectively moisturising the area.

Within THREE DAYS the skin was smoother. I’m not kidding! And I’ve only used a small amount, so this is going to last ages.

If ‘chicken skin’ is something that bothers you then I can’t recommend this product enough. Bumpy skin can show up in pictures (thanks, HD!) so it’s a good investment for models, and it comes in a handy travel size for hand luggage restrictions. Give it a go!

£27.50 from Marks and Spencer

Rebecca x

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  1. This product sounds like a Godsend ! I’ve never found a product that actually manage to treat Keratosis, I’ll definitely give this one a go ! Thanks for sharing !

    Megan x

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      Hi Megan, thanks for your comment. It’s performed really well in trials and it’s worked for me, so I hope you see success, too! You could even trial with the travel bottle if you don’t want to splash out xxx

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