BEAUTY TUESDAY! Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Shower Cream

I hate exfoliating in the wintertime. It requires me to be naked for too long, as I rub the stuff all over my body whilst shivering in the freezing bathtub before getting under the water, plus I hate treading on chunks of Himalayan salt and papaya seeds. It’s a faff.

Once I tried to replicate my very own spa experience at home, by making my boyfriend exfoliate my body with a salt scrub. It was somewhat ruined by me having to nag him to do it, then listening to his moaning, “This is scratchy. I have work to do!”

“Other men would be delighted to exfoliate their naked model girlfriend’s body!”

“My hands hurt. Can I stop?”

Anyone else with me? Exfoliation is essentially classed as ‘know I should do it once a week. Will do tomorrow.” And, (sorry Ronan Keating), tomorrow never comes.

Well fear not – one of my top discoveries of 2015, Ameliorate, are here to save the day – as well as your winter skin. I’ve already waxed lyrical on the joys of their skin lotion, which gently but effectively smoothes out chicken skin (those bumpy bits on arms/bums). It honestly worked for me within two days and I’ll never be without it! I’m now a recent convert to their shower cream, too.


I’m not naming names here, but when I stay at my boyfriend’s I’ll always find the most abrasive, strong-smelling showergels. They either smell of A LOT OF MINT or, even less pleasantly, simply of that GENERIC CLEAN MAN SMELL (which has more than a hint of Dettol) that companies seem to think all males want to smell of. Not only do I find it a bit invasive to my olfactory senses, I find my skin is actually dryer post-shower.

Ameliorate skin-smoothing shower cream has all the same goodies as their body lotion, but it is also designed to strengthen your skin’s natural lipid barrier.  This is thanks to the starflower and camelina oils, which are rich in all the fats you want: omega fatty acids 6, 3 and 9.

As for how you want to use it, I would recommend rubbing this into your skin while your conditioner is sinking in. Unlike most shower gels, this doesn’t just disappear the second it meets water. It stays on your skin for a while, so you can really rub it in and let it work its magic before rinsing off.

A long stay at home over Christmas and quite a few nights at my boyfriend’s freezing flat mean I’ve been out of my usual routines and, while the chicken skin didn’t come back (mmm such a sexy phrase) I didn’t feel as soft as I usually do. So I’m back at mine, being good and routine-y and using the shower cream every day along with their lotion. I really adore the smell (a bit like clean baby) and most of all I love the fact that this is zero faff for maximum softening effect.

I ought to exfoliate with a scrub around once a week still, but while I’m being a bit lazy (at least I’m honest about it) this will tide me over by keeping my skin supple and silky.

You can buy this for £15 for 200ml, which is a pretty good price as you only need a tiny amount to go a long way.

Rebecca x

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