BEAUTY: The Top 3 Holiday Must-Haves You Shouldn’t Travel Without…


So as you know, I have been away in beautiful Greece for ten days. I’m not sure what you’re like on your holidays, but for me it’s all about being as low-maintenance as possible without looking like Swamp Thing. I can’t be bothered with faffing around with ten-step cleansing or having to apply make up, so I needed incredibly high-performing products. I was very lucky to have been sent these Top 3 Holiday Wonders that did just the trick….

1) Avéne Sunscreen SPF50

aveneSPF50I had to find my balance with that glorious Greek sun. There’s a lot of information out there that tells us how awfully damaging the sun is and I agree – to get burnt is terrible, and to roast yourself out there for 8 hours a day like a is only going to give you dry, aged skin and risk skin cancer.

But at the same time, there’s a sea to be swum in and adventures to be had, and I’m not going to huddle up inside, under a parasol, wearing a burkini and a frown until 5pm. I started out with a different sunscreen which, alas, reacted very badly with my skin and gave me a terrible rash.

Luckily I had Avéne’s product too, which is very clean and simple, aimed at sensitive skin so it was both gentle and kept me protected. You must reapply sunscreen regularly throughout the day, no matter how high the SPF.

Because of my rash, wore a fancy hat, a white shirt and long dress when I wasn’t in the sea and I kept to shady areas whenever possibly, which gave me a lovely gentle tan.


I really recommend that approach.

My only issue is the spray application. The greasier my fingers get with all that lotion, the harder it is to spray!

£19.50 for 200ml at Lloyds Pharmacy

2) Pixi Glow Mist


I’ve vlogged about this little wonder before but I got to really see Pixi Glow Mist perform when I was on holiday. PLEASE consider this a travel must-have, as it:

  1. Is a great flight companion, keeping skin hydrated in nasty aeroplane air.
  2. It’s fab to have at the beach or poolside to spray on hair and skin to contaract chlorine/sea water.
  3. I used this as a toner AND serum for the daytime, as my oily complexion can’t take serum and moisturiser and suncream. It just goes ballistic. There are natural oils and propolis in here (magic healing stuff made by bees) in there, so your skin is really well fed.
  4. Soothing any bite or burn marks, the aloe vera in this is wonderfully cooling.
  5. It even works as a lightweight, leave-in conditioner for hair! I just sprayed it on just before combing through.
  6. I loved this as a refresher: any time I felt like the heat was stressing me out, I’d spritz some of this on for a refresh and it worked a treat.
  7. The one evening I wore make up, I sprayed this over the top for a lovely, dewy look.

£16.00 at Pixi

3) Soft & Gentle Deoderant

I’m not a big user of deoderant, but I really love this product for the days I might need some deoderant (running errands in town or travel days) as it’s a small (75ml) bottle yet it has the same amount as a normal bottle, it’s free of allergens, alcohol and aluminium chlorohydrate, and it smells lovely and fresh.

A failure as a woman, I’m not into wearing perfume but this was pleasant enough to give me a bit of lady scent on romantic dinners out. I’d use it when we headed into town, where it was baking hot with no sea to refresh myself in, and I stayed smelling delightful.

£2.19 at Boots

Rebecca x

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