Beauty From The Inside Out? O’HISA Supplements for Hair, Immunity and Skin

There is a dizzying array of supplements out there, not to mention a healthy dose of cynicism directed towards the effectiveness of ingestible beauty. And I’m not just talking Dr Christian Jessen’s Twitter feed, but many my friends, some of whom have been banned from the ‘I F*CKING LOVE SCIENCE’ group on Facebook for excessive pedantry.

I’ll often talk to them about the latest thing I’ve tried and how great it is, only for them to go and do a few hours research and come back at me with all the reasons it’s bunkum. This is good though, because it means that when I do try supplements and products, I have these little kurmudgeonly devils on my shoulders asking me ‘is this all in my head?’ and making sure I trial them thoroughly.

So! I stopped all my usual supplements and lotions and potions (apart from Shatavari), and took only these, once a day after dinner, every day without fail.

After 2 months of trialling O’HISA SkinNutraceuticals, I can safely say that my skin is better, my hair is growing at a frankly annoyingly fast rate and I haven’t succumbed to that terrible cold that’s going round. This is despite long haul flights and the excessive prossecco consumption of Christmas party season…Not to mention falling back into the sleeping habits of my 14-year-old self over Christmas.

What’s In Them?

These soft gel capsules contain a cocktail of plant-derived ingredients. If I was to go into them all we’d be here all day but the ones that stood out to be were zinc, vitamin B2, biotin and beta-carotene from sea buckthorn oil, as well as hyaluronic acid. These are great for the skin, and what I look for when I seem to be getting a flare up of eczema, and biotin is a pretty great ingredient for anyone looking for stronger, rapid growing hair.

Why Take Them?

If your hair is feeling a bit thin and lacklustre, you’re a bit tired out and grey now it’s January and you’re determined not to get the office cold now it’s back to work time, these are really good. I was also getting dry skin but once I started the course of these, within a week it felt healthier and more hydrated from the inside.

Let’s not do a big detox in January, It’s miserable enough already. However if you want a bit of a boost, I’d say…Start having a mug of hot water in the morning as soon as you wake up, and one of these after dinner, and I bet you’ll see the difference in your skin and how you feel.

£44.75 for 30 or £72.75 for 60 from Water For Health.

Rebecca x


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