Beautiful Letter by my Best Friend to her Daughter

I’m very proud to  share with you this beautiful letter from my best friend, Aisha, to her daughter (cutest baby in the world and blessed with a lot of Aunties competing to get her to love THEM the best), Zahra.

Aisha is a talented artist and teacher who happens to be a Muslim, too. Her faith is central to her life, yet her life is not defined solely by her faith. Yes, Aisha wears a hijab – but she also makes us tasty food, is the queen of sarcastic jokes, she’s massively supportive of my career and is a generous loser at Articulate. She likes my lingerie photos on Instagram, she joins in with boyfriend advice on our Whatsapp group and, like most other Muslims, Aisha doesn’t judge others – just chooses to live her life the way that makes her happy.  This makes it incredibly hard for me to see the rise of Islamaphobic sentiment all around me. Every time ISIS do something horrible I flinch at the horror and immediately worry for Aisha and her safety, too, not to mention worrying about what Zahra will have to endure thanks to other people’s prejudice.

Anyways, please read this beautiful letter to Zahra. Click on the pic (of Aisha’s henna’d candles!) below to read it…

ZahraRebecca x

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