Beaty Tuesday: Herbfarmacy

A BEAUTIFUL brand this week, encompassing everything I love about skincare. They’re green, they work, and they are passionate about the power of plants.

I’ve always thought that if I travelled back in time, I’d be called a witch. I talk to cats, I cackle, and if someone’s ill I’ll start suggesting home remedies made from natural ingredients such as lavender, honey and eucalyptus rather than heading to the nearest Boots. That’s one of the reasons I’m loving Herbfarmacy. They grow their own herbs on their organic farm on the Welsh borders, and harness the power of these to help out our various skin complaints. Here are some of the heroes I’ve been testing out….


Replenishing Face Cream

I’ve tried out a few duds lately, and my skin was starting to suffer from dehydration and a stress rash I tend to get around my nose and mouth. Seduced by the message and the beautiful packaging my hopes were high for this product – but realistic, too. I hoped it’d work miracles on my fatigued skin, but I have enough experience in beauty blogging that gorgeous packaging can belie empty promises contained within.

Happily, this does exactly what it says on the tin! Firstly, it has the very slightest scent of rose – enough to give a little lift when you open the pot, but it doesn’t last once applied to skin. Texture-wise it’s my favourite sort of texture for a skincream. Thick enough to make me feel like I’m Joanna Lumley in an Astral advert, but easy to spread all over the face and neck.

Models, if you sometimes suffer breakouts, you travel a lot and you’re feeling like your skin’s a bit dull, give this a go. The Calendula here is healing, so if you’ve had a breakout and your skin’s looking a bit red, this will soothe those areas. Marshmallow is nurturing and protective, so I’ve particularly enjoyed smearing this on after shoots where I’ve had multiple makeup looks.

At £24.50 for 60 ml I’d be happy to pay this, because it actually lasts for ages and it really works!

Mallow Beauty Balm

You can use this as a cleanser or a moisturiser, but I have so many cleansing balms to trial and I tend to find that balms don’t moisturise my whole face deep enough. Every skin is different.

Therefore I trialled this as more of an all-purpose cream to carry in your bag (decant into a smaller tub if you find it too heavy). I applied it to cuticles, I put it around my eyes before a long flight to hydrate and protect and I applied to lips on the morning before a shoot.

I also got bitten by a tramp’s dog recently (yup) and I have applied this night and day to a very, very nasty scar. It’s healing up really rapidly. I would call this my SOS cream – if my skin has some sort of problem or injury – it helps fix it, pronto!

So on top of these uses, the fact I could use it to cleanse and  moisturise makes it a festival/travel must-have!

£18 for 30ml

Rose & Echinacea Toner

I never skip the toning stage. I have quite dry skin and I find it just adds an extra layer of moisture, no matter how light it feels. Here, echinacea gives a gentle astringent property, and the rose  adds a spirit-lifting vibe to it all!


I can’t recommend this range enough. I met the co-founder, Paul Richards, and the passion he has shines through into the products. The packaging undeniable has serious shelf-appeal, and best of all the products match up to their promises.

If you’re a bit bored of your skincare and you want to make a new discovery, this is the range for you. Your skin will thank you and so will the planet!

Rebecca x

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  1. Yes! It’s all about natural, botanically based products and great skincare. Good for the environment & good for us! Nice to meet you today Rebecca x

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      Absolutely wonderful to meet you too Ava and can’t wait to find out about the beauty ranges you represent! xxx

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