Beatactive: the Perfect Model Apartment Workout, Plus Get a Month Free with Special Modeltypeface Promo Code!

We all know I’m on a bit of a health and exercise kick at the mo*, and I had the pleasure of checking out the exciting new company Beatactive.

So the premise is that it’s an entirely audio workout, playing music and giving workout instructions. Here’s what they say:

“Beatactive is building the ultimate workout experience, fusing vocal guidance, custom programming and powerful electronic music mixes.  We have partnered with industry leading record labels and rising producers alike to construct a living, breathing musical experience to inspire your movement throughout each and every workout.”

I gave it a go, and here’s what I thought…

The Positives: 

All you need is a patch of space the size of your own body and ceilings that allow burpees. It’s amazing for models on the move. You could do it in a model apartment, a local park, the hotel gym or your hotel room. I don’t know about you, but I’m terrible for keeping up my exercise regimes when I’m travelling but this really can be squeezed into your day (and your room) very easily.

The exercises are simple and effective. Squat jumps, deep squats, push ups, burpees, planks – not my personal favourites, but perfect for a pre-shoot energy kick or, to be honest, you could whack this out after a shoot and just before dinner, no matter how tired you are. I found it challenging but not insanely hard, and if you’re a beginner level you can adapt by doing planks and push ups on your knees.


You can take it the gym if you want to crank it up a notch and add weights, or if you live in a flat above grumpy people – it could be a big fat burner before doing a nice stretchy yoga class.

Basically what you’re getting is music that takes you on a bit of a journey, with a man saying ’45 seconds of burpees’ and then counting you in. It meant that I didn’t clock watch, and each burst of exercise was manageable.

By the end of the workout I’d really built up a sweat, was out of breath, felt like I’d worked but I wasn’t in dire pain so I’d happily to do it again. I liked the overall pace and how easy it was to insert into my day. My skin was glowing and I can feel where those deep squats have worked!

Lastly, the price is amazing. The app has just launched, free to download and with 3 intro workouts gratis. Then if you join it will cost only $7.99 USD a month. That’s NOTHING, especially compared to gym memberships. If you managed two workouts a week it’d basically be pennies!

Even better, I have a special Modeltypeface code! All you have to do is type in REBECCA and you’ll get…Amazingly…ONE MONTH FREE!

The Negatives: 

Here’s where Old Lady Pearson comes out. I have so many friends who I know would love this music – my boyfriend, Theo, cycles to this sort of music! Beatactive work collaboratively with artists in electronic music….and…I get how it gets people’s blood pumping and adrenaline going and I’m sure it’s very good…But I like Simon and Garfunkel. I like working out to Prince and Stevie Wonder and Motown, so this wasn’t to my personal taste but then again, I’m pretty sure that no one else out there squat jumps to Bridge Over Troubled Water…

And as if I wasn’t feeling old enough for the above comment, I also couldn’t always hear the instructions. That meant I had to try and replay the section and listen to the music again. I’m sure it’s something they can iron out in no time at all by making the music slightly quieter when the voice kicks in.

Workout-wise though, I have no complaints. I never jump for joy at the prospect of a burpee – but I know that it’s amazing for all-over conditioning and those 45 seconds are over soon enough!

Overall I think it’s definitely worth a go of their free lesson to see if it’s up your street. It’s perfect for trips away when I don’t want my waist to rapidly expand from all those breakfast buffets and crew lunches and snacks!

Remember the promo code REBECCA to get a whole month free!

Head to for more info.

Rebecca x

*Is typing whilst spooning peanut butter into mouth

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