How are those resolutions holding up? Sick of counting squats, breathing in recycled BO and sweat covered seats at the weights? If, like me, you can’t bear the sound of men (sorry, but it is the guys) grunting as they psyche themselves up to do one big lift and then huff and puff for 20 minutes staring at their quads, it’s time to get out of the gym. And head into nature.

This is a beautiful short by my mates Rhiannon and Harvey, who filmed Daisy Rusby, a personal trainer who’s ethos is all about getting into nature and integrating exercise with your surroundings – goodbye endless David Guetta and hello birds, trees rustling and the sound of your own breathing as you climb a tree.

Head to Daisy’s page here to find out more about training with her.


Director Rhiannon Edwards
DOP Harvey Eaton
Poetry Lisa Luxx

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