Barre Move of the Week!

Can you believe it – my month’s trial of Barre at Triyoga is nearly at an end!

I went for a bit of a scarier move this week – I’m not great at being upside down. For some reason I find it really scary and can’t wait to be the right way up. It’s something I need to work on, and it’s why I’m not totally smooth on this move (there’s quite a loud foot clunk at one point!).

It’s a fantastic move. Strengthening my puny wrists as well as my arms in a handstand/press up position, testing my balance while I raise one leg and strengthening every part of my from my toes to my finger tips. And it does improve my confidence when I achive a move or pose that I’m uncomfortable in. You always have to challenge yourself.

Oh – and all that blood to the head is great for boosting circulation in the skin and improving one’s complexion!

Thanks to teacher Emily Spriggs for teaching me this one.

Here’s Triyoga’s site.

Rebecca x

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