BAPS! BOOBS! BREASTS! BRISTOLS! A Vlog on How to Check Your Boobs with Coppafeel and I Love…!

Hello everyone! It’s so important to check those boobs for signs of breast cancer – but I can’t be the only one who forgets?

Luckily I Love… Cosmetics have paired up with the brilliant charity Coppafeel to put a step-by-step guide to checking your breasts – on the back of their shower gel bottle! Here I am, talking you through them – as well as grabbing my lovely boobs a total of 16 times.*

Remember to put your favourite word for breasts in the comments section below for a chance to win these divine smelling products!

Rebecca x

*Anyone who’s been out on a night with me when I’m drunk and wearing a push up bra knows I spend most of the night staring at my own cleavage, absent mindedly poking them and pointing to my ‘lady lumps’ to encourage others to stare. Wearing this expression.


So there will be few surprises there for my friends.

Check out the I Love… website as well as their Twitter

Check out the Coppafeel website and Twitter

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  1. Louise wrote:

    as I’m breastfeeding at the mo I think my fave work is knockers, simply because they are huge and I’m used to having a pair of fried eggs!!

  2. modeltypeface wrote:

    Haha, KNOCKERS! I can’t believe I forgot that one! A truly great word for breasts. xxxxx

  3. Caroline wrote:


    Also ‘lady lumps’… In reference to boob and bums- Furgie

  4. Bee stings is probably one of my favourite ones, up until I was 26, when they *finally* started ‘growing properly. haha ‘see you later’, ‘in yo face’ ‘bee stings’


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