At Your Beat Taster Day!

Ok here’s an obvious statement: I love going to my At Your Beat dance classes.

I’ve been going every Monday for STRUTBeat and FItBEAT, the former being a dance class where we’re challenged with a beginner (but not basic!) routine to songs ranging from Ariana Grande to En Vogue to Tove Lo to Prince. Everyone goes in smiling and leaves BEAMING! There are people of all ages, shapes, colours, confidence and ability levels. But it doesn’t matter cos as long as you’ve shaken your hair around, wiggled your butt and picked up a count of 8 (you can’t fail to do any of these things) you’ll feel great.

FitBEAT is dance HIIT, and I credit it with the abs I seem to be rapidly forming and the thighs that seem to be getting slightly leaner despite the fact that I don’t eat lean chicken or protein shakes or have any kind of fitness regime other than haphazard dance and yoga.

Then on the weekend, a Saturday and or a Sunday, I go to an hour and a half weekend workshop, which has improved my ability to pick up routines and relax into them no end.

Best of all, I’ve made friends, I smile the whole way through, I feel amazing, I have tonnes more confidence in myself and my dance, I have realised at 32 that oh wow I can be pretty hot when I’m not falling over and I don’t need to stoop my shoulders and giggle apologetically every time I try something new out (it’s a tall-girl, model, self-conscious thing). Shoulders back, bum out, hands in hair, BOOM!

I’d miss a lesser friend’s wedding for a Beyonce Workshop with Joelle. I refuse to make plans for Monday evenings and, increasingly, I pick an early night on a Friday so I’m fresh for the class rather than go out for drinks I don’t need.

It sounds like an exaggeration but these classes have changed my life. I am more assertive, I feel more attractive, I’ve dropped a dress size despite eating more (I call it my dance tapeworm) and I no longer want the ground to swallow me up when I have to dance on castings.

Now I know that a LOT of my friends and social media pals have seen my videos and want to come along but are too scared – I totally get it! If I hadn’t had to review the class for ES Life & Style, I would never have gone. Well, this weekend, they’re doing a dance all-day taster FOR FREE! You can check out the different teachers, have a go, stand at the back and hope no one sees you and realise how great it is!

The first 100 attendees get a goodie bag filled with wellness products – head to to find out more!

Rebecca x

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  1. […] have run off to the toilets for a secret cry once or twice. But THANKFULLY, because of the At Your Beat training, I felt more natural. I also am less hard on myself these days: as a model I was being […]

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