Artist Shirani Bolle’s CELLULITE MONSTERS!

Meet Shirani Bolle, a very special friend of mine.


Shirani is a talented artist, who depicts celebrity culture as it should be represented, hilariously mocking it to remind is what a pile of old balls it generally is *PARENTAL GUIDANCE FOR THE NEXT IMAGE*

shiranisimonWhen I said ‘old balls’ I meant what I said….

Shirani’s latest project sees her releasing ‘Cellulite Monsters’ all over Dublin. I’d like to take a second here to say: I have cellulite. Most models have cellulite. But I have still had years of hating those lumps, bumps and stretch marks, making me feel self-conscious when changing in front of a room of people. In fact there have been times I’ve felt shy wearing a bikini in front of my friends, which is sad and stupid!

Luckily, Shirani’s Cellulite Monsters are reminding me how ridiculous it is to limit my clothing choices and confidence because of something entirely natural and common. Let’s hear it from Shirani…

“I am basically leaving them all over the city throughout the week as part of a campaign I am doing around the globe to encourage body confidence and self esteem.


“Cellulite  Monster” is a character I devised from seeing how cellulite is depicted in women’s magazines. It occurred to me that cellulite was written about almost as an independent entity, separate from women’s bodies, e.g. “cellulite on the beach” “Beyonce’s battle with cellulite.”


I started to think of him as a sad character who just wanted some love and hence “Cellulite Monster” was born!


Dublin is the first city he will be in, then London and Portugal! Other cities to follow. You can find out where abouts I’ll leave them via my Instagram @shiranibolle

Though I can’t say I’ll ever love my cellulite, Shirani has made me see it in a whole new light. And I have to say, as someone who has tried religious bodybrushing, detoxes and spent hundreds of pounds over the years on (largely ineffective) lotions – the best thing for it is to stop giving a f*ck about it and never look in a Zara changing room mirror!

Please do give Shirani’s site a look – it’s full of her varied and brilliant artistic projects.

Rebecca x

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