An Ode to My Boots

Every model has great boots: FACT. I learnt, very early on, that every model needs:

– A ginormous bag housing your book, a hairbrush, heels and a trillion Pret receipts.
– A pair of skinny jeans
– A great pair of boots to stomp around a city in comfortably.

You want the boots to be stylish enough that you can wear them into castings for when you really can’t be arsed to change into heels (sorry bookers, but no model bothers with this every time!) but comfy enough to walk/run in all day. Spend a decent amount on a good quality pair. You want them to go with dresses, jeans, shorts – anything in your wardrobe. That way, you can travel mega light with one pair of boots, one pair of gym shoes and a pair of heels.

spiceyHmmmmm, not quite….

That’s more like it! Karlie Kloss gets the boots spot on.

Well, I found an amazing pair of boots at Ted Baker and I got so damn excited about them, I took arty pics and wrote a poem to them!


An Ode to my Blue Suede Shoes…

Every model surely needs
That magic pair of shoes
Where we can stomp them round the city,
And get no foot issues

It’s great when clients notice them,
Engraining on their pysche
So we want them to be comfortable…
But not so butch that we feel dykey.

Our boots are like our armour
As we clomp through underpasses
If we need to we can run in them,
Or kick harassers arses.

It matters not if we get fat
Boots always fit our feet,
I put my blue shoes on and feel
Like a badass in the street.

For Christmas parties I will feel no stress
Or stay at home – I ain’t no flaker –
Cos I got a magic pair of boots,
So thank-you, Sir Ted Baker!

Rebecca x

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