Achey Limbs? Work it Out with Temple Spa!

Sprinting up and down escalators. Dodging idiot fellow commuters. Standing up for hour-long train journeys. Running to and from castings. Castings on the 5th floor (no lift). Jumping in heels on shoots. Wearing heels for 18 hour days. Holding crazy positions that make no sense and being told off if you shake. 80 shots on a day of e-comm. Dashing between outfits backstage at catwalk shows. Not being allowed to sit down ALL DAY in case you wrinkle the clothes. Having to sit on make up chairs for hours with no back or leg rest (basically a unicycle with no pedals). Running to your agency between a ridiculous amount of castings because the last client (who will never book you) took 7 cards and you’ve none left.

Then battling the tube home, sitting down for one second, getting into your sportswear, lacing up those trainers and hitting up your Skinny Bitch Collective/run/HIIT class/Bikram/circuits.

It’s a physical life being a model! And, speaking for myself, it’s an extra physical life at the moment. I recently completed my Barre trial at Triyoga (which I’ll be posting about soon) and am commencing training for a half-marathon. Oh God, I’m not great at running, and I’m finding this tough!

And I ACHE!! My arms from the press ups, my legs from the running, my stomach from all those planks…I need a treat!

And this detox oil is that treat. It’s not cheap. But it’s amazing. Temple Spa have created a body/bath oil which really helps relieve muscle soreness and tiredness – and it’s getting me through my energetic life right now!

templespaHead to to check it out.

Oils can feel a little heavy in summer, but actually this is very light and smells minty (I suppose that would be the peppermint…) which, of course, is great for it’s anti-flammatory properties. The smell is really divine. What I love most about this product is that it is simultaneously refreshing & soothing, and warming & cooling, which is what you want after a workout! So, for example, the peppermint gives that tingling, fresh feeling, whereas the lavender and cloves are relaxing, and spread a lovely heat through the joints.

Texture-wise, this is the ideal oil for summer. It’s not too heavy and sinks in with no greasy residue whatsoever, which means I can put my skinny jeans on straight after application without getting smears all over the denim.

If, like me, you’ve been working really hard at your job and your body lately, it’s time to reward yourself. Let the scents work their way up your nostrils into your mind, breathing in deep and feeling your brain unravel (in a good way, obv). And really massage that oil into your achey muscles and joints, loosening the knots (so you can do it all again tomorrow) and helping with circulation to lessen cellulite if you’re a fellow sufferer. Alternatively, get your boyfriend to massage it in for you – always a romantic experience til I fall asleep on my front, snoring with me mouth open and drooling on the pillow and he has to resignedly go and watch the news…

At £24 for 100ml, this isn’t the cheap option but, as long as you’re not sharing with an evil Russian housemate/man who has no respect for quantity rations when using fancy products, it will last you ages. A tiny amount covers my whole body, and I’m a giant.

Trust me on this one – you want this.

Rebecca x

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  1. Rebecca wrote:

    I’m embarking on a new training program for the next three months. I think I’m going to need a giant bottle of this!!!

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