A True Beauty Hero: Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in Napa Vineyard

I’ve had some really exciting products to trial recently, but I wanted to let you in on this humble lip crayon that’s been carted round with me in my overstuffed backpack for ages now.

It goes everywhere with me because it’s so stupidly easy to use and, if I have no other make up products with me, this is so convenient and with a vibrant enough effect that I’m sorted.

So firstly, obviously, I use this on my lips as a buildable colour. Applying just a few dabs with lip balm and then patting it in with a finger gives a subtle stain. But with each layer it becomes more matt and pigmented until I get a really strong red lip with a bit of a 90s grunge band vibe. There’s Shea and Jojoba oil to make sure lips stay moisturised. I have dry-prone lips and have never found a lip stain/stick/crayon that didn’t dry them out a bit eventually, and this does slightly. However rather than a proper lipstick which goes all around my mouth if I dare apply lip balm over the top after a couple of hours of suffering that horrible shriveled lips feeling, this can be layered with more balm and topped up without displacing it onto teeth/chin/forehead (just me?).

I also use it as a cheek tint – measure the meeting point between your iris and your nostrils, draw a cross on that point – then rub in til you have the effect you want. This is less of a ‘girlish’ light pink colour than I usually go for as a blush and I like it for that, I look like I’ve been vigorously walking outside whilst saying intelligent things.

Lastly, to complete the look, I dab a teeny amount onto my eyelids, right in the middle, and blend. This ties the lips, eyes and cheeks together and brings out the green in my eyes.

I have pale olive skin with greeny blue eyes, and I definitely feel that it makes me look a bit more ‘English Rose’ (maybe the blue tones in the lip colour contrast with the yellow tones of my skin?). However I think this is a truly universal shade, especially because it can be worked into the skin for varying levels to the strength of the colour.

Best of all it’s small, portable and gets through security at airports. It’s just ridiculously easy, lasts for absolutely ages and I absolutely love it.

£8.99 from burtsbees.co.uk

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