A Loving Conversation between My Boyfriend and I…

“I’ve been thinking about what animal you look like,” my wonderful boyfriend said to me.

Possibilities ran through my mind. I’ve been called gazelle, a faun, a kitten…and a newborn foal still covered in amniotic fluid before…


“It’s one of those small, furry ones. You know, with the big eyes.”

I readied myself for the compliment, fluffing my hair a little and fluttering the eyelashes that frame my undeniably large eyes.

“Argh. What are they called. Bush babies!”

I smiled, pretending I’d never been called this cute fuzzy creature before.



“Let me find the picture. I saw it the other day and though ‘YES! That’s Rebecca!’

Here it is!!!”


“YES! That IS YOU!”

Thanks babes.

Rebecca x

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