A Day in the Life of a Model: X FACTOR AUDITIONS!

No, I didn’t actually audition for the X Factor. You want to hear me sing…

I did the weirdest casting, the like of which I have never done before.

So it was a recall for a commercial. There were around 11 girls…and it seemed like that was it. I knew they were looking for 3 models, so my odds suddenly seemed much improved. Cue increased ambition/nervousness/adrenaline/trying to not give a sh*t.

After a half hour wait for about ten late clients, the first ‘group’ were called in. There were 3 girls with an afro headed into that room. After only 45 seconds, they all came back out again. ‘You can go home’, said the casting lady to my friend, who immediately looked crestfallen.

Oh. This isn’t a normal casting (usually you go in and they reject you later, over the phone, to your agent, so you don’t see it).

Then I headed into the room with 2 other brunettes. We were asked our name and height, and the clients just sort of…stared at us. “Can you all dance?” The director asked. Everyone nodded.

Then I thought ‘I got one shot at this job.’ No one wants to be a show off, but I thought I’d pipe up about how much I love doing ballet and barre.

We walked out of the room, and the other two brunettes were told they could go.


I felt annoyingly excited, even though I know to never get my hopes up.

Then they sent the blondes in, and one girl went home.

Then round after round after round. I went in with all the different combinations of blonde/afro models, dancing and strutting and trying to be confident without being OVERLY confident.

By the end of the two hours, we were all feeling quite hyper – there was only 4 of us left, so it looked pretty good.

Then I headed out of there, pretty sure I’d snagged that job.

Then I waited for the call.

Then the call didn’t come.

Then I tried to put it out of my mind.

Then I couldn’t.

Then I realised – SURELY they did it all again. They would never recall so few models.

So I went to bed, deflated.

Then the next day….I GOT IT!!!!!

I have to say, it was the weirdest casting. You’re never usually faced with your rejection and the rejection of others so….blatantly. Being on the other side, I can see they matched us due to our heights and our energy rather than any negative aspects of the other girls.

But that’s easy to say when you’ve booked the job.

Rebecca x

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