A Day in the Life of a Model….#2. Ping Pong Balls and the Karma Sutra: Just an Average Day at the Office…

So today was interesting. I had a casting for a Diesel Jeans job with iD Magazine. I won’t deny that this came as somewhat of a surprise, as such edgy editorial clients seem to skim over me, for some reason.

bardotbecNot exactly grim heroine-chic in an abandoned warehouse….

I really had no idea what to expect, but I did walk in to see a lot of very cool looking models dressed all in black. It made me feel a bit…

duckWe all have those days/months/years

…But I gave myself a talking to and reminded myself how awesome I am.

Awesome like this llama

So I finally got into the casting room with my male model companion Jacopo @ Bookings Models, who I had never had the pleasure of meeting before.

Jacopobo*Must do more sit-ups*

We were filmed doing our ident, and then the fun began.

Firstly, we had to jump in inventive and weird ways. I tried to channel my model muse, Coco Rocha, but I doubt I was remotely as graceful.

babygiraffeThis giraffe tries and succeeds to steal my signature pose…

 Then we had to dance – always awkward, but fortunately for me Jacopo is a dancer and not afraid of going for it, which took the heat off me!

And then we had to ‘lie down in an inventive way’

catfunnyNot far off what I did, tbh…

When faced with these sort of requests, just go with it my friend. I lay on my front, which got the reaction ‘wow, no one’s done that yet!’ So there we go.

And then, amigo, we were given a choice of props with which we had to ‘do something. Anything!’

Before me lay:

A ping pong bat & ball set.
A top hat.
A baseball bat
A bongo drum
An umberella

And a copy of the Kama Sutra.

??????????POP-UP Kama Sutra! The mind boggles…

What would you go for? I obviously went for the Kama Sutra, showing it to the male model and winking to camera like a dirty old woman.

You’ll probably find that, when faced with these sort of castings, you often experience a total mind-blank. ‘WHAT DO I DO WITH A COPY OF THE KAMA SUTRA IN A VIDEOED CASTING FOR JEANS?!?!? True, it can be a bit scary, but don’t worry. They just want to see if you can be spontaneous and fun – the best thing to do is just relax and go with whatever you’re feeling.

The worst thing you can do is to say ‘ummm…I don’t really know what to do!’ Or the ultimate worst, ‘Sorry, this isn’t really my thing.’

Just pick up the bloody ping pong ball, and think of the money.

Rebecca x

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