A Day In the Life of a Model #9 – NEVER BOOK OUT!

So! I’ve been rather looking forward to May 19th. May 19th is when I get my birthday present from my boyfriend. He wanted to do a complete surprise, but of course with my job he needed to check when he could book off five days of my time.

Of course I told him to speak to me agent, Igor.

No one has ever done anything so romantic or big for me. There was the time that guy surprised me with a picnic in the grottiest bit of Hyde Park (where the spiky grass actually hurts to sit on). It consisted of cut up cheese, suspicious olives and absinthe. And there was the time I went away with a guy and his Mum because she and his stepdad were getting a divorce and they didn’t want to waste a hotel bed.

But 5 days dedicated to me, surprising me and treating me? That is not something a guy has ever done for me! He’s not a rich chap, nor is he flashy, so I know this is taking both a lot of time and planning and money.

So, it started off on an innocent casting. It’s been quite quiet for a lot of us models recently – I’d like to blame the Tories but it’s also social media, the Internet and the decline of print mags, as well as slashed budgets. I walked into the casting and my gosh – they really seemed to like me!

They asked me to fill in a form. Are you available the 28th for a shoot? TICK!

Are you available the 19th, 20th or 21st for a test?

Are you f***ing serious?

I said “I’m not available on these days. My boyfriend’s taking me away as a surprise. For my birthday. I’m available for the shoot days though!”

“Aaah. No we need you for the test as well. We think you’re really great for this…Are you sure you can’t do it?”

“Erm. Talk to me booker.”

I walked out significantly more deflated than when I walked in.

I then headed to the agency to talk to Igor. “Well for 2k we can think about it!” 2k! I haven’t had such a huge job in ages!


I headed home and told my boyfriend. Amazingly, he said “We can work it out. 2k – I hope you get it.”

What an all-round gem.

Now, I know how it look. ‘Ooooh, 2k job or holiday with an amazing boyfriend?’ But actually the choice is more like – let down boyfriend or let down agency and my chance of some decent money?


Day 2:

Boyfriend to me: “Have you rung Igor?”

Me to boyfriend: “No have you rung Igor?”

Boyfriend to me: “Are you going to ring Igor?”

Me to boyfriend: “I think you should ring Igor.”

3 hours later:

Me to boyfriend: “Are you going to ring Igor now?”

“OK I’ll ring Igor now.”

“Ring me back after you’ve rung Igor then.”

MI5 agent: “What do they mean ‘ring Igor?’ Is it a code for drugs? Human trafficking?”

Me half an hour later: “So did you ring Igor?”

Boyfriend: “Yes, I rang Igor. They’ve moved the shoot dates a week forward. He hasn’t confirmed yet but it looks like the test will be a week later. We might be safe!

Don’t tell me I MIGHT just get my cake and eat it?

I am not counting my sheep. I’m not even LOOKING at any bloody sheep til I know…

sheepishDamn I looked…

Rebecca x

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