A Day In the Life of A Model…#5. I Bid on the Same House as my Boss…

There are certain situations I find myself in that I’m fairly sure could only happen to me. So whilst this is ‘A Day in the Life of a Model’ it is a sub-section filed under…


So: let me set the scene. Since starting my modelling career, I had been diligently saving my money. Though I wouldn’t say I was a miser, I was never one for designer handbags or luxury holidays. And that’s hard – when you get a massive wodge of money at the age of 18, it’s pretty tempting to go a bit wild!

But no, I saved up my money for Uni, paid my way through, and after getting my degree I started saving again. I always thought that it’d make a great deposit on a house, but with such an irregular means of income I’d never be able to secure a mortgage.

So, I figured, in the back of my head, I would keep all this money for when I married, so I could provide the deposit and my hubby could pay the mortgage repayments.

That’s right. I’m admitting to you that, self-declared feminist Rebecca Pearson had a dowry of sorts.

Two years ago, I suddenly realised that I was quite possibly never going to get married and that maybe I should get my arse into gear and buy a place by myself, especially as London prices would soon be way beyond my scope. I moved out of the £320 a month boiler room I was living in, back to my parents, and they very kindly helped me search for a flat.

It’s not fun, house-hunting. It might be if you have all the money and time in the world, but for most mere mortals it’s the most heart-wrenching, gut-twisting, nerve-shattering, financially-ruinous experience I’ve ever encountered. Luckily, my booker Billy was there to talk it through with at every step of the way, as she was also buying.

After dispiritedly examining the few shoe boxes that were in my range, I found it. The One. A lovely little 1 bed with a shared garden and just enough space for my shoes & organic condiments. I texted Billy.

“FOUND IT! Put in an offer just now x”
“ME TOO!” Replied Billy.
“Oooooooh where?”
“Near Forest Hill.”
That was weird, I thought she was looking in Crystal Palace. “Oh right….Cool…whereabouts in Forest Hill…”

My phone rang. Very quickly, we realised that we had put in an offer on the same flat. My boss was bidding on the same flat as me. MY FLAT!

It was pretty tense. She was very sporting, saying ‘May the best man win.’ Let me tell you: putting in an offer on a place you’ve fallen in love with is pretty stomach-churningly tense. Putting in an offer on THE SAME FLAT AS YOUR BOSS who has also fallen head-over-heels for the property is off-the-scale-awful!

So how did this tale of awkwardness end? Well, I got it! Which meant that I had to ring Billy and tell her, very calmly, not sounding ecstatic at all, that I had got the flat. Remarkably, she carried on booking me lots of jobs and didn’t let it affect our relationship at all. And she’s going to be moving into a 3-bed house which I think will be much more suited to her!

Because, to tell you the truth, I’ve always doubted whether my wonderful little 1-bed could have housed her ankle boot collection, anyway…

Rebecca x

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