A Day in the Life of a Model #15: Sometimes I Never Learn!

Argh! The life of a model is certainly a rollercoaster.

My Mum taught me a very valuable lesson once. She said that she told everyone when she was taking her driving test, and then had to tell them all when she failed (multiple times). The last time she took it, she told no one and guess what! She passed!

That’s why I’ll often keep jobs secret til they’re out. In the past I’ve done incredible Sky and Philadelphia commercials with the promise of big, rolling buyouts and reaching out to other territories*. Then…nada. They decide not to launch the product. They run out of budget to actually show the ad. They decide only to show it on the Isle of Man once. Or focus groups don’t like the ad and it gets canned.

When I got Danone, I was THRILLED! Despite my dress falling down in the casting and me not being on top physical form, I LOVED shooting it and doing choreographed dancing and even, weirdly, eating yogurt for 5 hours til I was sweating lactobilius acidophilus.

In my Danone ‘rehearsal’ garb!

It was due to be aired TODAY! And it still will be aired, I’m not having a huge moan. It will be shown in Ireland in October, and maybe the UK next year.

No what I am slightly disappointed about is that I basically walked through the streets of London/Peterborough/Havant/wherever work has taken me saying, “WATCH OUT FOR ME ON THE 4TH SEPTEMBER! I WILL BE IN A DANONE ADVERT! YOU WILL SEE ME DANCING! SET A REMINDER ON YOUR PHONE AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF IT!”


My Mum was watching TV from 6am this morning, (“I even sat through Piers Morgan), my new chap subscribed to every single Danone Youtube channel, I prepared my Whatsapp ladies last night and friends of friends of friends of friends have been primed, ready and waiting, so see my bottom joyfully dancing after eating yogurt.

So not only am I a bit disappointed but lots of other people are, too! I’ve learned my lesson – I’m keeping as schtum as a bigmouth like me can until I know it’s a dead cert.

Rebecca x

*(For anyone not in the know, when you film a commercial you get paid a rate for the shoot day, which is often not huge. Then, if it gets shown in a country, you get a ‘buyout’ for it to be shown for a certain amount of time. You get more money the more countries it’s shown in, and sometimes you get a commercial bought out year after year).

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