A Day In the Life of a Model #13: When Modeltypeface Crashed into the Scene….

Hello all!

I’ve had a bit of a sore time, lately. Work has been great, I’ve been very busy with lots of smaller shoots, shows and fittings as well as writing work.

However, I haven’t really nailed a ‘big job’ in a while: probably since my Littlewoods commercial last year. I’ve had some great requests, including some for Rankin and a few big campaigns, but I haven’t even been optioned. I was sort of feeling like…’Maybe I’m not really a model anymore’ which every model feels if we haven’t worked in a while.

I also broke up with Theo, who I’ve been with for nearly 6 years and it has been a really hard time for me, lots of tears and missed meals.

But then…I got an email last Friday saying I had a shoot for Debenhams ecomm!

There were so many models at this casting, hundreds, and I got booked! Yippee! That’s a big compliment and if they were to become a regular client it wouldn’t just be an ego but a bank balance boost, too!

So I spent all weekend eating avocados and bread and butter and lots of potatoes to pad myself back out (I looked a bit drawn and scrawny) and sleeping and going to At Your Beat to get my energy and spirit back up to where it usually is.

The morning of Monday I turned up feeling fresh, energetic and ready to work and fingers crossed smash it and nail a great regular client.

Make up was done – lovely. Hair was wavy – great I know I suit that. All that was left was to put on my first outfit!

The stylist indicated the changing area and I went to open the hinged door.

As I opened the hinged door, I realised that it was not a door.

It was part of the changing room area.

I attempted to put the hinged door back in place and I upset the enormous, heavy screen wall, which started tipping back.

I went to catch this, as did all the other people on set.

I then hear the table that the screens were balanced on crashing down and taking the mirror balancing on it with it.

Meanwhile the huge screen continued to slowly topple but was too heavy for me to stop, especially as I was still desperately grabbing onto the hinged ‘door’.

I watched desperately as the screen crashed down ONTO THE SET and toppled over the specifically placed lights and wind machine and poly boards.

“SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY AAAAH SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY,” I wailed, as everyone gave me a strained smile and said, “It’s fine it’s just good you weren’t hurt.”



I turned beetroot red as I considered that this was my first impression.

Igor was gonna kill me…

OK so one small light broke (oopsy) but on the whole I managed to do some very good modelling (I think) – the team all seemed happy and, at lunchtime in the canteen, it appeared that I had become the office joke. Apparently I made their Monday morning and, if nothing else, at least I’m memorable…?

We shall see, the proof is in the re-booking.

Rebecca x

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