A Day in the Life of a Model #10: Sometimes my Job is Awesome

I had a casting at Mark Summers the other day. Mark Summers casts for some of the biggest commercial jobs out there, such as BA and Gilette, and you never know what to expect.

Sometimes there’s a queue that lasts 2 hours. Sometimes there are two other girls. You have to wait hours only to do an Ident some days, and others you have to do some proper acting.

This was a glorious summers day, and I was thrilled to see only one man in front of me. I’d be in and out in no time!

I was called in and had to pretend to hold a candle, whilst looking out at the stunning view (actually looking at the back wall of the casting studio, but I let my imagination run free). Then the male model had to come up behind me, hug me and enjoy the view with me.

Could be worse, though I don’t reckon it’s ladies this particular male model is usually hugging from behind.

Then it was my turn for my proper casting.”Right Rebecca, we want you to act like someone who just loves smelling everything!”

“Well actually I do love smelling everything!” I do!

“Er, OK.”

I had to pretend to be cold, shivering, smell the candle and then act like I was still cold, but happy. That required acting, as if I’m feeling cold, I’ll be depressed until a hot water bottle is within my grasp and I’m leaning against a radiator. I then had to imagine peach blossom falling all around me, smiling as it tickled my nose (I omitted the chronic hayfever). Finally, I imagined walking out into the sun, twirling round and enjoying the feeling of the rays on my skin. Quite frankly, though I probably looked odd, it was nothing out of the ordinary for me. I like to think I’m part-Kate Bush.

“We have a favour to ask, Rebecca…”

Please don’t let it be that I have to get into a bikini.

“There are lots of men but no girls. Would you do the girlfriend part a few more times?”

“Er YEAH! That sounds awesome!”

“Er. OK. Thanks.”

So basically, I waited in the room, watched my ‘boyfriends’ enter and do their ident, and then went through the balcony hugging scene. It was AWESOME. Especially when this guy walked in:

ivansilicIvan Silic from Select is stupidly hot

So four guys came and went. The last one was a little more unfortunate. He was very handsome, but 5″6 to my 5″9.5. It made putting his head on my shoulder a bit less natural looking….


With certain castings, they’re that much of a fun event/blog post that it doesn’t matter if I get it or not.

But in this case the job is worth £35k so I’d better bloody get it.

Rebecca x

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