A Bittersweet Tweet

Today I woke up to a Tweet sharing an article from WAY back about why we should leave our eyebrows alone rather than overplucking them.



Sadly, someone’s daughter was being picked on for her eyebrows and, just like me, resorted to SHAVING them to try and make them more ‘acceptable’.

Now I am just gonna interject (myself) here and say…I haven’t taken a tweezer to my eyebrows for a few years now. They’re wild and bushy and I love them, as do make up artists and people on shoots. “Fab brows,” they say as they brush them up and make them even more bushtastic. And for those that don’t like them? They can just cover them with my fringe…

However I realise that eyebrows like mine are always not so fashionable, and that when you’re young all you want is for all the hair you see (legs, arms, eyebrows, armpits) to disappear or be manicured to within an inch of it’s life….unless it’s the hair on your head which is often being grown to princess length.

Well, some people’s hair on their head won’t grow long. Or straight. And not everyone’s eyebrows are neat little apostrophes.

It doesn’t matter! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s what makes us different which is what makes us beautiful. Without my strong brows, big nose, wonky grin and long-limbed clumsiness – all of which mainstream beauty ideals would dictate I should sort out and have neat eyebrows, a cutesy nose, perfect teeth and be able to walk in heels without falling over – I wouldn’t be me. Or, as my best friend Shirley described me as – “like a smiley, shining Lord of the Rings elf with lots of hair,” or words to that effect.

So I realise that it’s hard to stand your ground against schoolgirls who are mean to you. And I know that being around that sort of meanness for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week is tough. But seriously – leave the eyebrows. Natural is great. Bushy brows are actually very fashionable and all the greatest supermodels have them (Cindy, Brooke, Cara, Erin…). And in the meantime, castor oil will get those brows back on form.


Rebecca x

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