A Balm For All Seasons: Dr Lipp’s Nipple Balm

Don’t worry, I’m not about to wax lyrical about nipples. I already did that here. This is Dr Lipp’s famous nipple balm, which may have eased the sore nips of many a breastfeeding mother, but has a whole host of other uses, too. Once you are introduced to this little beauty, you’ll have on in every pocket of every coat and handbag you own!

So firstly, what’s in it? It’s 100% natural as it’s made only from medical-grade lanolin, which is an oil from wool. The texture is very thick, and this took a while to get used to: on a particularly cold day I had to wield significant force to get it out of the tube!

Once you rub a dot of this between your fingertips to warm, it gets somewhat softer though never viscose. It’s a great moisturiser and felt like it formed a barrier too, and I’ve found myself using it in lots of ways, including:

1) Lips. Obvious. Locks in moisture so great on very cold days.

2) Eyebrows: Brushing this through eyebrows with an eyebrow brush works as a great gel that feels less stiff than clear mascara.

3) For flyaway hairs: I do a few unrec ecom shoots (we gotta pay the bills innit) and my hair is so flyaway with loads of little baby hairs that I’m always being told to neaten it up. I rub my palms together, pat my hair with this and it instantly smooths it all down.

4) On dry patches: I used this on Theo, who has a spot of eczema at the moment. Because of the consistency it felt as though it was gently exfoliating whilst also treating the skin.

5) On irritable areas: for years now I’ve been prone to a rash between my nose and lips. Really annoying. It comes up when I’m tired, stressed or my skin is getting a bit dry (particularly under make up). On cold days I dab this on as a skin-moisture buttress against the cold to prevent rashes or dryness.

6) As an all-over gloss: A bit on my cheekbones, on my eyelids and lips, this is a great subtle gloss. Mix with glitter for a more dramatic look.

7) On my nose when I’m getting a cold: I don’t know about you, but my nose gets so sore and red when I’m sniffly. I just keep applying this to try and keep it from getting red raw.

8) Cuticles: In this weather, my cuticles go horribly awry. A little bit of Dr Lipp on my cuticles while I’m on the train helps prevent quicks.

9) All over face moisturiser: if I wanted to pack light, or happened to end up staying over someone’s house unprepared, this works as an all over face cream, though it’s not what I’d normally go for.

10) Dry eyes: do you find that your eyes get a bit drier if you’re wearing concealer and foundation? I find as the day goes on that can happen, and my eyes look more wrinkly. A bit of this helps revitalise the area and stop me looking too prune-like.

11) Make your own gloss: I mixed this with a bit of Pixi Classic Red lipstick and got a soft gloss, nothing too bold and nothing to dry out my lips!

12) Elbows & knees: This is great for those spots that get worn and dry.

13) Hand cream: my last one, but a goodie. This has been a brilliant hand cream in this freezing weather. It feels like it’s protecting my hands but without making them filmy and greasy at all.

That’s about all for me for now. But all I can say is, after all of these uses, it still feels as though I’ve barely used any of the tube – there’s loads left – and it’s only £12! Check out drlipp.com for more uses, reviews and to buy!

Rebecca x

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