5 Reasons Every Model Should Try Climbing…

So last night, I gave climbing a go. More specifically I went for bouldering, which doesn’t require any ropes and straps and helmets and isn’t quite as high.

The idea is that there are walls of various difficulty (straight up and down are easiest, overhanging/caves are far more tricky. Believe me). There are holds up each wall in varying colours according to how difficult those are. So the spotty green ones were easy, big hand and foot holds – some were even handles – and the ridiculously hard ones were smoother, smaller and more sparsely spaced out (and also meandered along the whole wall rather than up and down). The aim is to pick a colour and reach the top handhold with both hands without using any other footholds.

Rather naughtily I didn’t do the induction because I had the finest teacher in the land: Kaowen Ho, who is an architect by day and Spiderman by night. Seriously he was like an agile monkey/crab/spider, dependent on what sort of wall he was on and was a very patient teacher indeed (I was basically very stroppy at the start as I was really bad, and also fell and whacked my fanny on a handhold on the way down and everyone saw. Theo fed me some banana chips and I gradually got better. Also the fall was fine, the crash mats absorbed my landing and only my pride and undercarriage were hurt).

Anyway, despite kind of hating it and just wanting to leave for the first hour (I’m bad at being bad at things), I’ll also be going back as soon as I can and here’s why…

1) It’s Amazing for All Over Body Tone

You use every single part of your body when you’re bouldering. I was hanging off my arms with my full body in order to get a better footing, (I am a bit puny of strength), I was doing lunges and squats to climb and using my core to reach difficult hand holds. It gives amazing all-over tone and must burn LOADS of calories!

2) You Stay Moving for Ages

We somehow stayed over 3 hours though it didn’t feel like it! You just want to keep giving a climb one more go. But it’s not crazy hard as you do have to wait for the person before you to go, giving you a few minutes recovery time. It means you’re doing a functional sort of fitness, rather than boring old lunges to trance songs for 45 minutes with a cool down each side.


3) Your Yoga Will Come in Handy – And Your Height! 

I’m pretty sure every model I know does yoga! Well your flexibility, stretch, balance and body awareness will come in super handy, as will your long ape index and endless legs. All those years of being ribbed for your height will be worth it!

4) It’s Good For Confidence

Not every model I know is clumsy – but most of us are. Bouldering was good for giving me faith that, actually, my body isn’t ALWAYS finding novel ways to trip me up.  No one’s impressed by bottling it at the top – I know – because I nearly reached one final handhold, was encouraged by Kaowen and Theo for about a minute, thought I’d fall, gave up and climbed down. There were no high fives waiting for me at the bottom. I had to get back up because I wanted to prove it to myself and them – and I managed it no problem! So it’s great for body confidence both mentally and physically.

5) There were Loads of Hot People

Seriously though there were some amazing bodies out there, giving me motivation to come back and try and look like them. But also just giving me a pleasant view while I waited. It honestly made me want to eat a bit less and a bit lighter so I wouldn’t feel as heavy next time. It’s like exercise with a life goal to improve a skill, rather than just to get a perter booty.*

I went to The Bermondsey Climbing Wall. It’s only a tenner at peak time and £7 off-peak.

Rebecca x

*you will get a perter booty tho

All pics/Instagram.


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