3 Girls 1 Camera: MTF Models Get Creative on our own Photoshoot!

A few weeks ago, I had a very exciting Sunday. Firstly, my Telegraph article came out – a whole page, which filled me with pride. Then, sharing my jubilant mood, Emily Vickers-Willis and Caroline Albertelli popped over to mine for crumpets and a photoshoot.

Emily and I are both ambassadors for the label House of Summer


…Which is just as the name suggests – bikinis, skirts, dresses, cover ups and jewellery that make for the perfect beachy get-ups.

Caroline, meanwhile, has a brand spanking new camera, and wanted to get going on her photography.


It’s evident from her Instagram that she’s got a great eye for composing a picture, and getting together to shoot the goodies HoS had sent Emily and I seemed like the perfect opportunity to embark on what I predict to be a very promising career for her!

We didn’t really have a solid plan but what I loved was that this spontaneity was underpinned by our years worth of experience that we hold between us. There was none of the dilly dallying that we usually have to put up with. After a quick goss, we got down to it, with Emily’s outfit planning putting mine to shame (though I maintain that sticking a hat on anything makes for a stylish look!)

We don’t generally get to express opinions on jobs (unless directly asked), even though we’re qualified to. There are certain problems on shoots that spring up regularly, so we know what suggestions would help the team – but also that such offerings are generally unwelcome

Well, on our shoot, we could suggest ideas, go wild with poses and scout out locations and you know what? We were pretty good! The pictures went above all our our expectations and we all left my place with a feeling of fulfillment that gave us a real high.

I hope you like the pics because, as you can probably tell from this post – we really put our hearts into them! We started off with the first brief, which was to style up HoS dresses in a colourful way for winter. My omnipresent People Tree dogstooth jumper made an appearance.

I love the way that even though you can’t see Caroline, you can see her influence in making us laugh hysterically!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Then it was time to rock the bodies, which I think Emily would agree was the item we were both very geed up about – we couldn’t stop dancing as soon as we put them on!



Lastly, HoS wanted a shot in front of a brightly coloured wall. A quick Google Mappage showed us some local walls that were pure Instagram catnip and only a ten minute walk from mine! I just LOVE this picture of Emily, taken in front of a Chinese takeaway!


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Rebecca xxx

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