Hello and welcome to New Years on Modeltypeface!

Like many of you, I feel a little disorientated, out of sync and lacking a certain feeling of health and wellness that I’m used to. That’s Christmas! Delightful when you’re in the tunnel of parties, booze, Christmas cheer and scrumptious food – but it’s easy to step out into January feeling a bit bleary round the edges.

Image0655It ain’t a baby in there…

I can’t be alone here, because walking round London all I see are posters of shiny people eating broccoli, promising that you’ll LOSE WEIGHT, DROP THOSE INCHES, FEEL AMAZING and BECOME A NEW YOU!

Grrrr. All around, the diet industry and gyms rubbing their hands with glee and the huge profit they’re about to make from people making resolutions to make their 2016 healthy, thinner and disciplined.

Knowing full well that by February we’ll be guzzling pancakes and muttering about ‘loving curves’ and ‘naughty days’, and that we’ll be far too busy to keep to the personally tailored (hmm) plan that suspiciously hench personal trainer made for us.

Us models are completely guilty of it. We get into patterns of controlled eating (raw, gluten-free, vegan) and terribly hard exercise routines (SBC, HIIT, 6am daily gym sessions) but the second we get a juicy trip to an all-inclusive hotel/head home for the holidays where our families greet our faddy diets with a furrowed brow and some delicious home cooking, it flies out of the window.

Well, Modeltypefacers: this year I DO propose a sea change among us. I DO think we should start out our 2016 with a resolution, and it WILL affect your appearance and the way you feel about yourself.

I propose: *gets on soapbox*


That’s right! FREE yourself of controlled portions!

NO LONGER will you deprive yourself of the food you crave!

SAY GOODBYE to the despair of falling off the (bullsh*t) wagon!!!

This a a constant project, because instead of taking up a new exercise, and replacing the idea that you should eat a mainly protein/fat/carb/powdered shake-diet…


This YEAR OF UNDIET makes the project all about YOU. Your brain, your behaviour and your habits. This isn’t about negativity: what not to eat and when not to eat it. It’s a movement that is all about positivity, about adding to your diet and about becoming more in touch with your body’s natural impulses.

Tune in tomorrow to find out all about my YEAR OF UNDIET plan.

Rebecca x

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